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Iggy Koopa

SMW Sprites → Iggy Koopa

Submission Details

Name: Iggy Koopa
Author: dahnamics
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: An Iggy Koopa boss which resembles the one in NSMBU. He walks between the left and right sides of the arena, occasionally spawning energy bolts, which chase Mario and disappear after a short amount of time. He can also walk on the ceiling. Mario can jump on him to damage him, after which he'll hide in his shell and chase Mario until he hits a wall, after which he'll go on the ceiling.

After 3 hits, he can also shoot fire while on the ceiling. By default, he dies after 5 hits. After Mario lands the finishing blow, he'll wait a bit before slamming into a wall and dying. If the extra bit is set, the level will be completed.

Make sure to specify the sprite number of the bolt from list.txt in iggy_koopa.asm! Check the ASM files for customization options.

Included graphics created by NO Body The Dragon.
Tags: boss ceiling fire fire shooter fireball iggy koopa koopaling koopalings koopas lorom nsmb nsmbu projectile sa-1
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
3.5 (11 ratings)
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Comments (8)

 Anorakun Link
hitboxes? what are hitboxes?
Starman97 Link
Hello, how ya doing? anyways, could i use this in my rom hack?
MegaSonic1999 Link
There's a little problem with this sprite: when Mario goes to top right, it spits fireballs up. Is there a way to fix this?
I uploaded the graphics of "Super Mario Maker 2" version, so please have a look.
le4che Link
The hitboxes are in dire need of fixing
 BeeKaay Link
This is not a fun sprite to do battle with. His hitbox and the hitbox of his balls are larger than their graphics, which runs contrary to every sprite in vanilla SMW.
ElSturge Link
Love the sprite. Just having one issue, if i am on the left side of iggy when he's firing the fireballs, he shoots them to the top right of the screen. How do i fix this?
 Telinc1 Link
Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility. Added screenshots and more tags.

More defines have been added to make the sprite easier to customize and an oversight with the rising state has been fixed. The tile displacements in the graphics routines have been tweaked to better match the sprite's hitbox. The contents of the archive have been greatly simplified, now having the correct graphics and palettes in one place.