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SM64 The Green Stars

Super Mario 64 Hacks → SM64 The Green Stars

Submission Details

Name: SM64 The Green Stars
Author: Kampel64
Version History: View
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 130 star(s)
Description: Super Mario 64 The Green Stars is a Major Rom hack featuring Mario in a brand new adventure. Explore around the new worlds, with customized music and 130 stars to collect. Have fun playing!

This is now updated to version 1.2, which has some important, but not necessary fixes.
Video Link: Link
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
4.4 (11 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (6)

balloonfox101 Link
I tried out this hack but no matter what version I play, the warp pipe to Thwomp's Woods always crashes the game and prevents me from playing the rest of the hack in turn. Is there any way to fix this as of now or am I out of luck with this?
DankClam Link
Some levels are garbage, but there are some cool ones in there.
Kirbo Link
whenever i download this rom hack it turns into a ppf file,
any help?
Bomberman Link
nityananddeonarain Link
Hi I finished playing this hack and got all stars. It was really fun and I don't know why it is a lesser known hack. People should play this one however there is a few issues I have but I accept it.

First Problem: World 1 is a bit to easy don't you think.

Second Problem: Some of the stars are a little bit too hidden.

Last Problem: Sometimes the warp pipes glitch out crashing the game.

My Ratings:
Graphics: 10/10
Hub Worlds: 6/10
Design: 9/10
Overall: 9/10! I appreciate the effort in this hack.
ismyneckonfire Link
Oh god i lost it completely during the ending and credits

But seriously, this hack is incredibly well done and is only bested by Star Road

The level design is amazing, although it suffers from 'World 1 syndrome' (a term I made up). Other than that I found every level amazing, although the secrets are a bit undetectable at times (I know about what happened in 1.2 btw)

Rainbow Star Haven has to be one of the best levels I've payed in a long time, and the secret Temple was, although difficult to discover, a great secret level in its hidden-ness

The Hub is amazing, I found it entertaining how Mario zigs in the wall, and worth the glitch

My only problem is the aforementioned 'World 1 Syndrome' and that Dark Dank Abyss was a little boring IMO.

TL;DR: Great hack, the minor glitches were little problem, World 1 was iffy though

Graphics: 9/10
Level Design: 8/10
Hub: 7/10
Geometry: 7/10
Overall Rank: 8/10!