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Submission Details

Name: Info64
Author: DamiHack
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: N64
Games: General
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: A tool that shows Nintendo 64 ROM's informations and allows to change some of them.
It has a GUI, so it's simple to use:
1. Load any N64 ROM
2. Read the informations or edit them if you want
3. If you edit something, click on "Save"

When you click on "Save", it creates a backup copy of the ROM.
Then test the ROM by clicking on "Test ROM".
Tags: byte order cartridge crc edit hash manufacturer md5 name publisher region size
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3.7 (3 ratings)
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Download 203.44 KiB | 9,789 downloads


Comments (2)

Mario42 Gls42 Link
J'espère que dans une future mise à jour le bouton Test ROM fonctionnera car là il ne fonctionne pas quand je clique dessus un message d'erreur Windows s'affiche et me dit "l'index se trouve en dehors des limites du tableau".
MrMartley64 Link
Won't work on WINXP