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Disappear after Jump

SMW Blocks → Disappear after Jump

Submission Details

Name: Disappear after Jump
Author: JackTheSpades
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: Block disappears in puff of smoke after being jumped off of. Includes 3 blocks, one that disappears only after spinjumps, one after normal jumps and one which will disappear after any jump.
Tags: disappear lorom smoke
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5.0 (2 ratings)
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Comments (5)

Novawolfol Link
Originally posted by Anorakun
This isn't a patch, it is a block. You should use Gopher Stew Popcorn (GPS) instead.
Novawolfol Link
I am incredibly new to all this ASM stuff, but I am getting an error when i try and patch;

Disappear_Any_Jump.asm:7: warning: Missing org or freespace command
Disappear_Any_Jump.asm:18: error: Unknown macro [%create_smoke()]
Disappear_Any_Jump.asm:19: error: Unknown macro [%erase_block()]

Please Help.

 Anorakun Link
This isn't a patch, it is a block. You should use Gopher Stew Popcorn (GPS) instead.
SmokyShroom Link
That was to be presumed. These blocks are ideal in mid-air, for whatever your destination might be. There shouldn't be a circumstance where they're used in a declining staircase.
Final Theory Link
Note that if Mario just falls off of the block without jumping that the block will not disappear.