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Details for Touhou Mario: Imperishable Night
Super Mario World Hacks - Touhou Mario: Imperishable Night Show random
File Name: Touhou Mario: Imperishable Night
Authors: Vitor Vilela, Wakana
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Someone replaced the true moon with a fake one. Mario, without knowing anything, will be able to solve this problem thanks to "the little trip" he decided to have in midnight. He will encounter Youkais and weirdos in every stage, and he must beat them all in order to find the culprit.

Before playing, read the .txt file. After that, enjoy and have fun!

Hack Moderator's Note: This hack has no Save/Continue function, so if you stop playing the hack your progress won't be saved. So you'd better stay aware about this. Have fun!
Tags: asm, crossover, hdma, music, sa-1, touhou
Rating: 4.3 (Votes: 31)
Download: Download - 684.04 KiB
it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!
Posted by: Yosemite - | Link
what if you use save states to save
Posted by: MasterPass - | Link
At least it's very limited to this engine.
Posted by: Fullcannon - | Link

This game is amazing, I am impressed by every sprite that each character has now playing
Posted by: YuukaKizami - | Link
what a weird but interesting hack this was. a bit too much text in my opinion for this short hack.
doing any of the bosses without taking a hit deserves a medal, its impossible. but you got so much health you can kinda facetank them.
i like that coins or blue cards (i have no idea about touhou sorry) can be tradet for mushrooms or red cards which give you health back. and you can have over 1000 of them.

3/5 overall.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Good, except it would be greatly appreciated if this did have a save function. I know the original Touhou games didn't have one, but this game is way more extensive than any Touhou game.
Posted by: Vantastic - | Link