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Details for Super Mario 2D Land
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File Name: Super Mario 2D Land
Authors: Alex No
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 87 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a brand-new full release! Enjoy it!

"Help Me, Mario! I am trapped in Bowser's Castle. Bowser is even more dangerous this time. He has hired his troops and this time Bowser has been helpedd by Captain K. Rool. He has sent his powerful enemies against you Mario!

Help Me, Mario."

Can Mario save the princess and defeat Bowser and his army? Good luck, Mario!

This hack is made by Alex No, 2011-2013. Enjoy it!!

- I fixed the Koopa Bros boss now you can't kill it with cape
- Now you only need 100 Advance Coins to enter Final Boss instead of 200, but I added a little bonus if you have all 205 A-Coins.
- I added arrows in the Peach Castle Level that is on START and on the Second Mushroom House!
- The Mushroom House is for Saving, Items and a Shortcut to Peach Castle! So 3 in one!
Tags: bosses, exgfx, music, traditional
Rating: 4.3 (Votes: 45)
Download: Download - 983.49 KiB
hack normal no SMW central, porém jogando tá mais para difícil e acima kkkk
Posted by: Maclaud - | Link
The hack is to good for 9 stars. 10 stars are the best:)
Posted by: overmariofan - | Link
i would give 10/10 because this hack is awesome but i go give 4/10 because you PUT THE BLRAGH boss in the 3 final level and i play in ps2 the smw hacks and i cant use save states all times and you no put mushrooms in the level and is impossible touch the blargh boss but this hack is awesome =D nice graphics all is nice im just angry because the level 3 final level
Posted by: gabriel33250283 - | Link
Alex No
If you want to play more of my hacks, then you can find them here.

Super Mario Bros: The Invaders of Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Bros: The Hunt for the Magical Key

Super Mario Bros 2: Dream Courses

Alex No's Submissions
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Alex No
11111 Downloads. Cool

Thank you so much for playing my hack. I used long time on this hack. It's cool to see people that like this. I hope you guys will follow me on future projects
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Green Jerry
1. Your Super Mario World ROM is broken (corrupt).
2. Your Super Mario World ROM is unclean.
3. Your Super Mario World ROM is unheadered (in .sfc format).
4. You downloaded a wrong Super Mario World ROM like the Japanese or the European ROM (You need the USA ROM).
5. You patched the ips with a edited Super Mario World ROM (ROM's size must be 512/513KB).
6. You patched the ips with a zipped Super Mario World ROM (Must extract the ROM first).
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
Uhhhh.... I have a problem :( I tried to run the ROM in ZSNES (Which I rely on most) And it came out as a bad ROM. So, I went to my backup emulator, which is Snes9x. But, it still wouldn't run. So, I opened the ROM in Lunar Magic, and like this has happened to me with about 3 or 4 ROMs I've downloaded, there were ALOT of graphical glitches. So, the ROM for some reason is corrupted on my end. Can someone help me? :(
Posted by: MinecraftPro297 - | Link
Alex No
It's from Yoshi's Story. Water Theme in World 3-1
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
in world 3-1 the music look like a epic mickey mouse music or i was somelse or custom.
Posted by: TheOrangeToad - | Link
Alex No
btw, smw hacks won't work on any mobile emulators, because the emulator on the phone is bad. But it works on Super Nintendo's Hardware, so it should work everywhere.
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Nintendonostalgic: Just patch it on your computer and move the resulting SMC to your phone/tablet/whatever.
Posted by:  MANGOMILK - | Link
Yeah but I'm using the SNES9X app and don't know how to get it to work
Posted by: Nintendonostalgic - | Link
Nintendonostalgic: You read the FAQ, right?
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Does anyone have an .smc format? I'm using the SNES9x and .ips isn't compatible.
Posted by: Nintendonostalgic - | Link
Green Jerry
1. Your Super Mario World ROM is broken (corrupt).
2. Your Super Mario World ROM is unclean.
3. Your Super Mario World ROM is unheadered (in .sfc format).
4. You're using an wrong emulator.
5. You downloaded a wrong Super Mario World ROM like the Japanese or the European ROM (You need the USA ROM).
6. You patched the ips with a edited Super Mario World ROM (ROM's size must be 512/513KB).
7. You patched the ips with a zipped Super Mario World ROM (Must extract the ROM first).
8. You're trying to start the IPS patch (Must patch the ROM first).
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
I can't get the game to work on my emulator :( maby a new file name :/
Posted by: sjk210 - | Link
7/10 Amazing Job!
Posted by: LeBronJames4DaWin - | Link
H.carrell on an ipad
I am hanging out at my grandpas house I will be back at 12:00 but I appreciate this hack
Posted by: H.carrell on an ipad - | Link
Alex No
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
sml1 game over theme
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
bbrucify I recommend snes9x.

I use it all the time.
Posted by: PingasMaster - | Link
This is an amazing Romhack 9/10
Just one problem, when i download it and try playing it on ZNES, it says bad rom, any other SNES emulators you recommend? or even a way to bypass this?
Posted by: bbruceify - | Link
Alex No
If you want to sell my hack on cartridge. Please contact me if you do that. PM me or send me an email. You must have my permission to do that. I am the Author.

please respect that.

And if you upload my hack on other sites. Please inform me first.
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Alex No
8888 Downloads. That's Cool!
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Hello Alex No,

I totally enjoyed playing your hack. The SMB3-inpired overworld is a good idea as it's not common. Graphics and level design are great too !

I figured out to find all 87 exits and all Advance Coins without using savestates, but some levels were really tough, especially in World 8. Although, the most difficult was bosses near the end.

It is one of my favorites game so far, if it's not the best.

10/10 Thank you so much =^.^=

Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
why do you dont make original super mario land with 16 bit gfx? that ist realy good game;)
Posted by: mikalle - | Link
I'm left wondering how this ends up the most downloaded of the author's works when his most recent one is of higher quality. No offense meant to the author, of course.
Posted by: MercuryPenny - | Link
Love this game! 5/5
Posted by: ThatBird447 - | Link
I don't like Big Mario's Standing sprite for some reason... Oh I think it's because his head seems further from his body then normal?
Posted by: Luigixhero - | Link
Alex No
there is 3 keys in that room in the castle, i don't force the player to glitch. It's just a puzzel. try to jump everywhere, i'm sure you did not find the invisble key in the same room as the Boss door.

Posted by: Alex No - | Link
MUSICS 1*(7/10): I personally liked most of the musics you used, but you didn't really use a good variety of musics. A few remixes of the original ones, mostly.


GRAPHICS 2*(7.5/10): Also a good use of graphics. In overall, I think they represent the style you wanted you create.


LEVELS 3*(4/10): I was glad you made good use of midpoint sections this time. The game itself has a nice introduction with levels, what makes you want to play. After some time, I realized you basically relays on koopa troopas, thowmps, ball n'chains and bullet bills. Koopas and bullet bills were the most overused enemies for sure.
One thing that I found annoying was the fact you have to find several keys in several levels to open a locked door. Sometimes you also mixed it with the use of a p-switch, but the main problem is that you find the door, then you must find the key and come back to it.
About the medals, the prizes inside Peach's castle are very disappointing. That box with random items was the worst, as it gives you exactly what you had before but you have the chance to get the star and lose it as soon as you enter the door to leave the room. Not to mention it's boring have to go to a mushroom when you simple can start the next level and get a powerup in the first blocks.
Another thing that I don't really know if it's good or bad: several times I suicided hitting invisible blocks that you let in positions you calculated people would be before jumping. It's good because you find them easily, but bad because they disturb you often.

I found a castle I don't remember which one was, that forces you to carry 3 keys at once because you have to open 3 doors but there's only 1 key in the room. I don't know if that was necessary, but you really shouldn't force people to explore a bug to complete the level, even if it's a well-known thing.

I didn't understand why you made 3 sky worlds on this game, specially when they are all the same thing: lots of lined platforms with chainsaws and fuzzies. I felt you wanted to do more levels but still wanted to restrict yourself to the 4 levels and a castle you made for every world. No problems on restricting, but the other 2 sky worlds were just repetitions of the ideas you had before.

The levels after the battle with Master Hand had a lower quality than the others. Usually really quick, and half of them you probably copied levels from SMB3. And the final battle against Bowser had a wowser quality. Actually, wasn't really worth the trouble. Most of the coins you take make you repeat several points of the levels again, and the prizes on Peach's castle don't really encourage you to find them. You probably should have let a few levels before Bowser's final battle to make it more valuable, but that's just my opinion.

BOSSES 1*(8.5/10): Excluding the several giant koopas and the giant spiny clones, I hardly see someone who puts that much effort on bosses. That's another problem with the final Bowser, a boss that doesn't even move and really doesn't fit the good work you made before.


OVERWORLD 1*(7.5/10): That was an original idea, but was not very worked on.


FUN FACTOR 2*(4/10): Honestly, I think that this game was quite worse than the previous one, which was already quite worse than the one I played before it. I still think you are a great hacker, but you should explore more your own ideas instead of just repeating them over different scenarios.


OVERALL (5.8/10)
Posted by: mangolo - | Link
10/10. I completed this game!!
Posted by: GageThornton - | Link

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