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Hertz Donut

Super Mario World Hacks → Hertz Donut

Submission Details

Name: Hertz Donut
Author: Sokobansolver
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: No plot? No problem.

This was the hack I had the most fun working on. It’s meant to be one of my easier hacks, but still, there may be the occasional really difficult section (Occasional? Pahaha!) In terms of level length, I like to think of it as C|C-lite. Many of the levels feature mini-puzzles here and there. Back-up savestates are a must, because sometimes it may appear that you can continue, only to find out you needed that mushroom or you shouldn’t have taken the mushroom, or the P-Switch still needed to be on, etc. There is some glitch abuse, but not as much as in my other hacks. Focuses more on creativity than on difficulty, though both are important.

This hack was made throughout 2011.
Tags: glitch less exgfx puzzle
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4.5 (11 ratings)
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Comments (3)

RoyMaluco Link
A very creative hack and a lot of fun to play
dacin Link
A hack that features many creative obstacles and is very funny to play. It is much easier than the mmd series, but just like mmd, it contains many breaks and the intended solution can be quite obscure.

My (tool-assisted) playthrough:
Nitrocell Inc. Link
I like this hack! :D