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Super Mario World Hacks → COLORS

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BoomBeatle3 Link
fix the difficulty tag, it's not "normal" especially with limited lives
GlitchyR-01 Link
Amazing hack, good music (kinda), really fun and original!
muzzl Link
I agree with Eminus this does not belong under Standard: Normal it should be under hard for sure.
 Losoall Link
Late one night and I am at a massive loss as to what to do. I remembered that Molsno made a hack I once considered unfair in some spots and decided to look back at his old hack "Colors" (whats the proper titling for hacks? quotations or italics?).

I remembered two instances that I felt were a frame perfect jump or a completely blind one. I also remembered that the lives system is rendered as a larger detriment than a punishment. It can come off as a few that a few of the levels they managed to complete were upon pure luck due to the (sometimes) unfair difficulty. A player could be in the final level, and upon losing; they are sent straight to the start. I won't really hold this against Molsno since i'm sure he was completely intended on keeping this aspect of the Mario games (even though there are many who really despises this mechanic).

One thing that didn't come across me last time (because i focused more so on the issues) was the hints of creativity in the gimmicks of each level. Molsno was very interested in introducing new mechanics in the game gave each gimmick their own level to provide them the amount of time to utilize its gimmick. I even loved the gimmick of the boss at the end.

This hack feels so simple, but its gimmicks were ones that weren't really promoted in this community normally. These gimmicks are certainly entertaining, and I'm glad that I came back to fully play through this hack.
Dark Mario Bros Link
ah, pretty cool :3 Like Eminus said
it requires lots-a precision and reminds atari a bit
I like games like this, I cant wait for COLORS 2
Nice Work Molsno!
Eminus Link
A very original concept with those graphics and musics!
But the difficulty isn't "normal" but more "hard" because winning this game requires a lot of precision and quick reactions.
Oh and the graphics remind me the Atari 2600 graphics :o
Anyway, I enjoyed playing this game, and I can't wait for COLORS 2!

P.S. :Sorry for bad english.
MercuryPenny Link