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The Senate

Super Mario World Hacks → The Senate

Submission Details

Name: The Senate
Author: Fornaxus
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 85 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: While Mario was asleep due to poisonous wine, a group of mysterious and powerful enemies which call themselves "The Senate" took over the Mushroom Kingdom. Is Mario able to defeat all of its members through a lot of new worlds and enemies? Only time will tell.

v1.3 fixes a lot of minor stuff and a broken midway entrance. Check the readme to see what's changed.
Tags: bosses exgfx music variety
Comments: 21 (jump to comments)
4.7 (25 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (21)

pifpaf Link
A very good hack, but not the best. Some levels are very hards, other, easy as SMB2...

Some level miss the 5 coins, the lasts levels, could be better.
92lucascosta Link
Good hack! Balanced difficult, original and amazing levels, fantastic soundtrack...
Great work. Thanks!!
lapilozo Link
This hack is looking pretty decent, there's just one thing I'm not enjoying: some stages have 4 dragon coins, some have 6... that's bad design, every stage that have dragon coins should have 5 dragon coins.

For example, I can't get the last dragon coin in Pineapple Beach 3. Some few friends said they got them, but the coin despawn if you collect many regular coins or something. Can you fix this, @Fornaxus? Really annoying.

edit: so this Pineapple Beach 3 bug is really weird. If you get many coins in the falling cave area (previous to the last area), the last dragon coin doesn't show up. If you get few coins in the falling cave area, the last dragon coin shows up normally.
This hack is soo well made, it's perfection! have a lot of good things, like that not have a BROKEN difficulty!
I love soo much this work, and for that i do some very hard training to do the first speedrun no deaths any% of this hack!
I really appreciate if the creator "Fornaxux" and this hack fans can watch this:

I'm the only italian SMW expert guy and this hack is very balanced and perfect in all of their features. Into the SMW hacks world there are a LOT of shitty hacks, so i'm very happy to have discover this!
Hugs from Italy
Interstella Link
Ótima Hack Rom,continue com seu trabalho!
edwinmusic Link
Awesome hack!
PM-Faster Link
Very good hack.

5/5 #lm{owexstar}
BigDaddy645 Link
Most of the levels felt original.
Great choice of soundtrack.
Silly story.
Not too difficult.
Really enjoyable.
This one meets most of the main mario games prerequisite. (Except for the music part cuz this one's better)
EddieMasterOfGameplay Link
Nice game!
ahthedark Link
good hack!
Gabriel12102673 Link
Very good this hack
Idrinkgrapesoda Link
Really enjoyed this hack, now I'm recording a playthrough of it with commentary.
24monkeys Link
Anybody know where are the coins in Hazelnut Forest 3? I can only find 4 of them.
 Eevee Link
I am the senate.
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Fornaxus,

I very enjoyed playing your hack. Overworld and level designs are great and very well-thought, so are the bosses.

I figured out to find all 85 exits without using savestates, as I do always. To this point, I was very pleased that you put a text box that mentioned this purpose :) The difficulty is well balanced, although it becomes really hard to the end, especially world 9 and the very last level. This was a really good challenge and I'm very glad that I could pass it :)

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you for all =^.^=

DDuck Link
That's a good game. But HARD doesn't define his difficult very well. MEDIUM is fine.
mamlazizou Link
This hack is verry good !
Pedro156 Link
Very good hack. Keep up the good work!
kvbriggs Link
I just completed this rom using the original SNES hardware (loaded onto super everdrive cartridge). Some of the levels toward the end were very difficult to complete without the ability to save and load states, but that added a new dynamic to the game I have not experienced since childhood. Hands down one of the best SMW hacks out there (along with 2D land). Fantastic work!
ano_nymous Link
Can someone please tell me the music that played in cranberry ruins 2.
Whazzup Link
this is a really good game, although i hate the bossfight because i died 100+ :P