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Super Mario World Beta

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World Beta

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World Beta
Author: Yoshi Master
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: What if Nintendo had stuck with some of their original material while creating the Super Mario World we know and love today? Well, this hack is my take on how it may have been!

This hack is based and inspired by all of the pre-release screenshots, unused materials, ancient interviews, and some minor assumptions revolving around Super Mario World, and it's creation.

Most of the GFX were made by me, as well as the levels themselves. The bosses also each have something "beta" about them. Have fun!

Oh, and the hack is open. Feel free to use any GFX in the hack, but provide credit as necessary.

Report any glitches or problems to me via P.M.
Tags: asm less exgfx
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4.4 (29 ratings)
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Comments (29)

aore gfhgft Link beta/prototype
 Aracnocat Link
I hope someone makes a v2 of this with what we got from the gigaleak
S4mwMi11 Link
This hack became outdated like crazy when they he gigaleak happened. It's nice playing it again though.
the_name_is_already_taken Link
It's nice to to see what Super Mario World could have been. Good job #smw{:TUP:}
Smwfan2023 Link
Amazing! I want the old Goomba again #tb{XD}
AnkisethTheMonk Link
I really love this idea and it'd be neat to see an updated version given what we've learned since 2014. Difficulty is on par with OG SMW's first maybe 4 worlds, it's very easy, pretty fun for what it is. Also the small Mario sprite is horrifying.
XAMER212 Link
Nice hack! The implementation of the idea of early development of the original SMW is done very cool)
GBchangeling Link
Played this hack before, its very accurate to the original build!
solgaleo35 Link
Heyyy, watched this hack, never put two and two together that you made this! Good job, glad to see you're still around. I was originally on the team for a beta recreation myself, but life got in the way.
Dark Mario Link
This hack is very good. Yoshi Master . I hope Nintendo approves your very top job is to hire you at Nintendo . My Congratulations#smw{:TUP:}
Mariokid Link
Good job Yoshi master #smw{:peace:}
since the hack it's with your fan-made GFX.

I also made a beta remake.

Get the hack here: [KTB edit: ROM link removed.]
victor bruno Link
DyroccYT Link
Okay hack. This did feel like a beta version of SMW. I did notice a few problems. 3W-2 has an impossible cannon jump that can only be passed with a tanuki leaf. 3W-Castle appears to be just a test area for Magikoopas? The description says 17 exits yet I can only get 16 with that castle having no apparent exit unless it's a blue pow exit or something. I loved the creative ASM work with the other 3 bosses I was able to get through though.
TheScratchinator Link
so i looked deeper into this and found a Fire Flower Island with levels and paths an there was a copy using bowsers valley pallet.

edit1:also mario's graphics are wrong (well its right by a different build)

edit2:ok pathing is wrong
MrSkull555 Link
Ok Its Fine But Can You Add The Prototype Yoshi Sprites???
 Gzpy Link
Playing this hack on SNES controller is more nostalgic, it's a good trip to old memory of games. #smw{:peace:}#lm{extgfx}
Bluestreak Link
It's nice to play what the Beta coulda been, and the game feels much more linear like Super Mario Bros. 3. I won't lie, it is rather outdated, with the fact the Beta Yoshi has been revealed, and a revision to this has not been made adding that version of Yoshi in.
sonic10179 Link
Good hack! But didn't Mario go through a palette change?
Danielsonic 87 Link
Racoon Mario,for me was superior than cape Mario,is much more simple to ake noral jump with Racoon LOL with Cape,i gpo in rage if I wrong some jump XDXD
SuperGabrielino Link
Very Good Hack
Botul Link
Very Good hack!
ASuperMarioWiggler Link
Bad rom but still playable at least
Green Jerry Link
1. Your Super Mario World ROM is broken (corrupt).
2. Your Super Mario World ROM is unclean.
3. Your Super Mario World ROM is unheadered (in .sfc format).
4. You downloaded a wrong Super Mario World ROM like the Japanese or the European ROM (You need the USA ROM).
5. You patched the ips with a edited Super Mario World ROM (ROM's size must be 512/513KB).
6. You patched the ips with a zipped Super Mario World ROM (Must extract the ROM first).
Hi, I want to try out this ROM hack, but both zSNES and SNES9x claim the patched ROM is a bad ROM. I have tried NSRT, and SNESTool to no avail. Can somebody help me here?
H.carrell on an ipad Link
If you want to make another ram hack plz use normal smw Mario
MarioStar35 Link
You forgot 5-ups! I'd like to see what they looked like :D
Green Jerry Link
You forgot this screenshot:
danwaleby Link
Bad rom?
Error 404 Link
the old gumbas :D