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Life Of Glitches

Super Mario World Hacks → Life Of Glitches

Submission Details

Name: Life Of Glitches
Author: ShadowDragon121
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: A slightly short kaizo hack for those experienced with the glitches within SMW.
This is a vanilla hack, so no patches/asm modifications were used to make any of the glitches possible; they are all part of the original engine.
Tags: glitch puzzle vanilla
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
4.4 (12 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (5)

dacin Link
A short hack that features some neat glitches. The intended solution does NOT require walljumps or key surfing. A TAS is looking for the fastest solution, not the easiest one.

My tool-assisted playthrough (without any difficult strats).

You can break the second room and spawn a Reznor, beating the hack in under 2 minutes. This is TAS only though.
Danielsonic 87 Link
If someone here is alive,yet XD Switch difficulty on "kaizo Hard" because original engine's glitch like walljump are no more part of actual "Kaizo Light" difficulty
Null42 Link
só hardcore mesmo
Wieus96 Link
Flaze Link
Hardcore hack, took me a few tries to beat the first part, but the second part is almost impossible legit, requiring wall jumps and quick reaction. I watched the TAS of this on youtube and I don't think this would even be possible to do legit.