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Details for Mario's Journey Through Time & Space
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File Name: Mario's Journey Through Time & Space
Version History: View
Authors: Ice Man
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 43 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This is a somewhat different kind of Super Mario World hack. It is kept to be easy but differs in game play. Instead of going from world to world you can choose the world to play in order to gain stars needed to continue the game. Enjoy!

MAJOR NOTE: Now with fixed hitboxes, too!
Tags: asm, exgfx, hdma, music
Rating: 4.3 (Votes: 18)
Download: Download - 772.48 KiB
Posted by: CosmicChrisTV - | Link
fruitillix starwllee
this hack's difficulty should be categorized at least as 'normal', at least. it is far from easy, it surpasses the difficulty level of the original super mario world, i think that is obvious. also, it doesn't know midway points and levels really are not always that short. it only looks innocent at the beginning, really.

i've played it whole through and my experience was half-half.


i appreciate the effort, and i can say that the programming skills put in it are really superb, the expressed creativity and overall, it strays from the original super mario world, grately.


from memory, my most favorite are giant world, the level with pipes was kind of fun and i also liked the flight lesson, how the entire level is about not touching the ground, creative use of resources once again. while, the swimming lesson shocked the difficulty curve, i intentionally was interested to see what will happen if i collide with the spike balls and did not even imagine it.. the boss instakill mentioned, just another of several reasons why i would not rate this hack 'easy'. instakills on spikes made it harder to have fun on that level of wall bounce climbing. on the other hand, at the time-lapse final castle, it added an extra layer of suspense while trying to collect the coins on the right in the second room walking over the spike single stones. i thought that breaking out of the level had to do with the coins collected actually (.. after trying some other things..) that would have been pretty cool.. i am not sure are enemies original but they are nicely designed. dragons with flashing mane for example. the sewer yoshi's island piranha's was an exceptional level, very cleverly designed and stands above the rest. i also liked very much the classic bowser battle, where you had to make him break through the floor and the two encounters arrangement. i liked the boss battles involving bob-ombs and the egyptian temple snake. these are all easy but fun, boss battles just the kind asked for an easy hack.

i was dissapointed that all in all, the hack feels plain in the end, as it lacks depth. the original super mario world features the same kind of ending, like journey through time and space. reset-only. but super mario world has so many secret routes and a starworld and a special world and a 'secret world', though that 'secret world' was in my opinion a let down too. but all together not much let down as the ending in this mario, by far. now, i'm not asking the original super mario world arrangement in this hack, only a little more grip. the final world started theatrical, above the horizont. but it ended up not delivering. the final boss battle ended ungratefull, only offering the ending credits and the final screen. and, i tried to press a button but just like in super mario world, that doesn't work, leaving more to be desired. personally, i feel the original classic super mario bros linear non overworld progression had more depth then this. to make it worse, trying to play the game again hoping for something and seeing how i only have 34 exits, i find myself in the final unlockable world, but i cannot return to the map, the warp pipe doesn't let me. apparently the rule, beat the castle to return to the main overworld applies here too. the problem is that beating the final castle means ending the game, which i already did. so i'm kind of stuck. are there secret levels in this hack? i have passed all the normal levels. the introduction plot shows ambition and i liked it but the first impression of the game's sountrack and meeting the first level made me feel for a moment that the setup has nothing to do with this plot, overall game though, may be correcting that somewhat. i can say that it is the same problem of depth, not that this bit is important but maybe its a good idea if the final boss confrontation stages used the same dialog boxes to explain what is going on, connecting to the plot from the beginning. i gotta say i agree with some reviews that because of this, to me too it gives a feeling of a tech demo. with just, a little, touch up to this hack, i'd say it would feel far more complete.

rating: 3/5 - 7/10

+ some good simple and fun boss battles with bobombs
+ the yoshi island's piranhas sewer, excellent level design
+ the pipe transport level at huge world
+ the flying lesson's unique theme
+ some pretty and fun enemies, like the crazy dashing penguin in ice world breaking the monotony and providing a nice balance, or the flashing mane dragons, for example
+ the bowser battle part
+ interesting energy health 5 hearts system
+ creative use of resources and excellent programming skills
+ variety in levels such as sudden low gravity in space levels
+ overworld levels often designed in a nice and creative progression

- plain final boss battle to an unrewarding ending
- linear gameplay experience lacking depth to add replay value
- even less replay value for being stuck on the final world
- story could be followed a detail more by the game


certainly i can see a serious creation but all this potencial lacks depth to make it truely shine. so this is a one hit kill.. one time play for me : ) i enjoyed some moments and like i said, it has potencial for great things. i'd like to see a deeper, more developed version with real story progression, depth and replay value.
Posted by: fruitillix starwllee - | Link
i complete this hack in my youtube channel, i love the music and graphics, levels are short because they dont have midpoints, i liked it but i think the same about the hitboxes of some enemies and this larry boss instakill skill, i give you 4/5.
Posted by: EmuGamer - | Link
Green Jerry

I don't think that this hack will have a sequel.
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
There will be Mario's Journey Through Time & Space 2?
Posted by: Grillollo - | Link
some of the enemy sprites are really weird and have really weird hitboxes.

why give me 5 hitpoints when spikes instakill me?
WHY DID YOU REMOVE THE SPINJUMP this is seriously something i wont rate in the hack but personally that would be an instant uninstall for me. levels are kinda boring tbh.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Well, im gonna rate this 1 or 2/5 because i never played a hack thats more unfun than this.

I never seen more boring level design, i never seen more worse hitboxes.

But the point there is effort in the graphic site... i give u a 3/5, i think this is a bit fair...
Posted by: niko - | Link
H.carrell on an ipad
I love this hack
Posted by: H.carrell on an ipad - | Link
Hello Ice Man,

It is a very original and interesting hack, the idea of putting warps leading to different worlds is great. I love the level design, with a lot of nice and funny new stuff !

I found all exits without using savestates, game is overall easy, though some levels are quite tricky and a bit harder.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank You =]

Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
I reviewed this before (albeit back when it had broken sprite hitboxes), so I'll try and keep my comments on the game brief. Basically, it's a great game aesthetically. The graphics are nice, the overworld is well designed, the music is cool... and the whole thing looks and feels a lot like that cancelled Jelly Boy game for the SNES.

That's the good thing.

The bad part, is that the level design is often kind of boring. It seems like you spent a lot of time on the custom stuff and not a lot on actually designing levels to use said stuff, so it felt like a very pretty tech demo that was probably better to watch than actually play.

That seems to be a running theme with this game's author unfortunately. He's great at tech related stuff, but doesn't really bother as much with the 'game' part. Toad's World shared similar issues, as did his collab with ghettoyouth back a long time ago.

The bosses seemed a bit uninspired as well, though that's probably just because none of them were coded specifically for this game, or were from more obscure sources than the sprites section. Step down from Toad's World there...
Posted by: cheat-master30 - | Link

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