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SnesGFX v2.62

Tools → SnesGFX v2.62

Submission Details

Name: SnesGFX v2.62
Author: Vitor Vilela
Version History: View
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: General
Source Available: No
Featured: Yes
Website: None
Description: This tool lets you rip images (png, bmp, jpg, etc) to SNES format with automatic color reduction using pngquant. It can output 2, 3, 4 and 8 BPP. It can output map16, map16+sample level and snes tilemap, allowing to you basically rip anything, like sprite sheets, foreground and even backgrounds.

Check out the readme for more details. There's lots of combinations possible, so I recommend to you play it a bit before using.

This version fixes some minor issues, adds transparency tool (CGADSUB mode) and adds support for Mode 7 tilemap.
Tags: graphics map16 mode 7 ripping sa-1 tilemap
Comments: 25 (jump to comments)
4.5 (26 ratings)
No rating
Download 276.67 KiB | 8,774 downloads


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Comments (25)

Zute Link
I followed the tutorial from the readme but it always gives me an error. It just sais that it cannot find the file.
What can I do to fix this?
SmokyShroom Link
Could somebody revive this? Because it would be really cool if this were vamped up
MarcosMoutta Link
If this tool worked it would be amazing but it barely even functions. What's more, the author probably doesn't even care about it any more, so it will never be fixed
Soul Link
It works for me, however, I prefer using LM's Bitmap Pasting to rip png files
Soul Link
Originally posted by DrSheriff
none of the graphics files ive downloaded from the smw graphics section so far include any of the supported file formats.

Originally posted by ninj
its not saving.

1. This is only meant for use for standard image files, not bin files
2. Turn on "Save on Image's Folder"
Hiroki Link
great tool for those who want to creat GFX , made by your own or rip something you saw.5/5
DrSheriff Link
none of the graphics files ive downloaded from the smw graphics section so far include any of the supported file formats.
ninj Link
its not saving.
Vallenatero2020 Link
Excelente este programa.
Smibbix Link
It just gives me a configuration parsing error and closes when I open it.
Brandon_Pitts Link
The system cannot find the file specified?
MilkyMooer Link
Thanks! This Program really helped out.
ghostDARK667 Link
BWGLite Link
This is really cool! With a 224x224 image, and after a bit of puzzle-solving to put all the tiles in the right place, I got a really nice, clean end result! Awesome tool!
PaperWario Link
This tool is simply incredible. With it, I can make rips that didn't think were possible.
Anas Link
What does this have to do with SA-1? It doesn't do anything to your ROM.
 mathie Link
I have to agree with LX5. Why isn't the source included unlike most of your tools ?
lx5 Link
where's the source *pokes vitor*
BoneyBrown Link
Chrome blocked this and said it had a virus.
longbored Link
I had the same issue of this crashing right when I opened it.

I had the files on a networked drive. Moving them to a local (C) drive fixed this problem for me.
Taffy Link
I like this a lot. It makes microsoft paint actually useful for something...

@ TORSOFUQ => Your computer might just be old.
crashes when i open it
Vitor Vilela Author Link
Depends on what you want to do. Try reading the readme or ask in the forums for help.
yoshi no yoshi Link
How to use it?
anonimzwx Link
really usefull tool, i use it to rip every sprite, BG, or 8bpp graphics and works perfect.