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Assorted SMB2 Blocks Version 4

SMW Blocks → Assorted SMB2 Blocks Version 4

Submission Details

Name: Assorted SMB2 Blocks Version 4
Author: 1524
Version History: View
Act As: Various
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This version fixes a MAJOR glitch where the game would crash if you tried to pick up a veggie, bomb, or POW block and there were no free sprite slots available.

This package includes five blocks based on SMB 2 items. There's also two sprites for the blocks.

What's here:
-Diggable sand blocks seen in some of the underground areas of SMB 2.
-A sand block that hides a coin!
-A planted veggie (with sprite) that can be picked from the ground and thrown at enemies.
-A planted Bob-omb that can be picked (he has a short fuse unless you give him a kick).
-A SMB 2 Pow Block that turns enemies to coins when it hits the ground.

GFX included for ExAnimation (Sand is in this file, but is intended for FG GFX file) and a general SMB2 sprite GFX file (SP4) with the vegetable and POW is included, as well.

-digging sound from SMAS SMB2 (it's as close as I could get it).
Tags: assorted lorom pack pow sand sfx smb2 veggie
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Comments (7)

Starius65 Link
The block isn't spawning the sprite for me, it just causes the block to vanish but mario isn't holding anything.
spooonsss Link
I updated the code for PIXI here:


The blocks work with GPS as-is.
Misterfan2000 Link
I have a problem with the Veggie sprite:
When I try to insert it with PIXI, it shows a lot of errors.
Is there any solution?
TheN64man Link
if the veggie works I will forever be happy
Hayashi Neru Link
Unfortunately, there are no mushroom blocks. However, if you change the sprite of the Pow Block to a mushroom block, you can easily modify it.
LMPuny Link
I tested the POW block in my ROM and it works.
MarkVD100 Link
Does this work for GPS?