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Super Mario Bros. 3 X

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Bros. 3 X

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Bros. 3 X
Author: Koyuki
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 70 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: (v2.6) This is a hack with SMB, SMB3, SMB2, YI and a few SML styled levels.

Story: Bowser and the Koopa Kids invaded South Mushroom Kingdom. Mario must stop them before it's too late.

- Ghost House Time +100.
- Fixed Iggy's Castle Name to Larry's Castle and vice versa.
- Bowser's Fire Breath SFX
Tags: asm exgfx music traditional
Comments: 16 (jump to comments)
4.3 (31 ratings)
No rating
Download 715.80 KiB | 14,122 downloads


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Comments (16)

92lucascosta Link
Excellent hack! A hack based in SMB3 combined with some elements (style, levels, tracks, characters and objects) of SMB, SMB2, SMW, YI and SML.

A great tribute to 8 and 16 bits Super Mario Games. Congratulations!!
rafadorock4 Link
Hello I tried to run this in SD2SNES but it does not work. Is it possible to fix / adjust to run in real console?
Vallenatero2020 Link
This is an excellent hack. It deserves the credit for being so amazing that it seems made by Nintendo.
SuperGlitchyMario64 Link
Good one man
Dark Prince Link
+Shadow666: you should patch this to smwOrig.smc or any smw rom that was never external tool-touched (if touched you should restore the rom to state 0 with lunar magic ,and patch the .bps file with flips)
Shadow666 Link
what rom do i patch with this?
NatsuFireball Link
It is a good hack, with awesome graphics which bring you back in those good days playing SMB3 as a child on my SNES =]

The hack is very long and entertaining, but sadly I couldn't finish it. Indeed, Bowser's Castle is too hard, maybe I could beat it with a lot of more tries, but as said Bandicoot the lack of checkpoints makes you bored after restarting the level 100 times from the beginning...

This is why I stopped playing at this level : I had enough restarting all the castle because of unfair deaths in the Kamek/Bully section... and I never use savestates.

It is sad because this hack is very interesting... But thanks for the good entertainment until this 64 level =] I give you 4 stars (-1 star for missing checkpoints in hard and long levels), so 16/20.

Thank you =]
Guscraft808Beta2 Link
the intro cutscene is stupid, is a ripoff of the princess peach message from super mario all-stars:super mario bros 3 and from super mario advance 4: super mario bros 3 #smw{>:(} but the NES one is not stupid #smw{^_^;}
 Stivi Link
Just finished this hack on my SNES mini, it was pretty good but also hard at times, 5 stars :>
gostei demais do jogo. queria que a koyuki editasse a hack e expandisse o jogo para 120 saídas.
DrWatson Link
It's the first SMW hack I play (wow, I've just discovered a big new world) and I loved it. Levels are cool, enemies have variety, sprites are nice... everything is the result of a good work. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of checkpoints: I finally had to use savestates.

4'5/5 - Congratulations!
bandicoot Link
Flaze,the powerups are just decoration. ;)
bandicoot Link
This hack is very cool.
Have a nice Level design and graphics.
But there's only two things that made me stop playing this hack,first are the dificulty,this one is really very hard if compared with SMW or SMB3,the second are the checkpoints,there's no checkpoints in this hack and this just add dificulty and make the things boring when the player dies in a level,specially when the death is near the end.
I hope you can make a version with checkpoints of this,cmom, there's a multiple midway points patch and various other way that make possible add checkpoints to a hack actually.
Flaze Link
Is there a way to obtain any of the extra powerups in the powerup house in the bonus area?
Ringo Link
No because nobody is willing to fix a bug that only happens in an outdated version of ZSNES.
xEnfermedadx Link
in the first castle, when i go thru the pipe wich leads to de second section, a withe background appears, mario wal 4 steps and falls to death.