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SA-1 Convert: Sprites+Blocks Edition v1.10

Tools → SA-1 Convert: Sprites+Blocks Edition v1.10

Submission Details

Name: SA-1 Convert: Sprites+Blocks Edition v1.10
Author: Vitor Vilela
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: This tool automatically converts standard custom sprites and blocks into SA-1 compatible format. Require SA-1 Pack v1.10+ for sprites support and SA-1 Pack v1.20+ for blocks support.
Tags: blocks converter sa-1 sprites
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4.4 (11 ratings)
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Download 16.92 KiB | 3,051 downloads

Comments (7)

spooonsss Link
SMWCentral hosts an online tool by Atari 2.0 that converts also: It has the advantage that it uses defines like !BankB, which keeps the asm lorom compatible

Neither have handling of $18E2, so search for that manually
SmokyShroom Link
Question for anyone willing to answer, including moderators. Will this behave normally and keep an already SA1 compatible sprite/block compatible if I run it over it again? I ask because I occasionally forgot which sprites are lo-rom and which are already SA-1. Is there any way to tell if a sprite is lo-rom and not sa1?
Koop the Koopa Link
Originally posted by starlett
what does sa-1 does because I here it everywhere

It improves slow down.
Its a nintendo chip.
riki2321 Link
It cant convert some addresses so i hope some day this gets updated to do so!!
Green Jerry Link
1. Enables the SA-1 chip on your ROM and modify almost all SMW engine to make the sprites (including non-standard) and blocks processed by SA-1, killing almost all slowdown on level and overworld and decreases the level loading time. And as a bonus, it increases the maximum number of sprites on screen to 20 and per level to 255.
2. Optimizations to the circle routine used on level ending.
3. Almost all slowdown possible in-game disappears.
4. Increases the maximum amount of sprites *on screen* to 22.
5. Increases the maximum amount of sprites *per level* to 255.
6. Moves the sprite processing code to SA-1, making all sprites gets processed 4 times as normally
7. Optimizes some routines to make the level loading faster.
8. Moves almost all non standard sprites, such as shooters, generators, cluster, extended, minor extended, bounce, score and smoke to SA-1 CPU.
9. Moves the block/map16 handling to SA-1 CPU.
10. Moves almost all overworld code to SA-1 side, leaving minimal CPU usage on overworld.
11. All other SA-1 features like 6 and 8MB support, 10.74 MHz CPU, Character Conversion DMA, fast RAM, etc.
starlett Link
what does sa-1 does because I here it everywhere
HammerBrother Link
Note that this doesn't detect sprite slot loops, for example:

	LDX #$0B	;>number of slots -1 since slot 0 exists.
	;[some code here]
	BPL -

You have to change the loop counter to use 22 slots.