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The 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → The 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Submission Details

Name: The 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack
Author: SMW Central
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 86 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is SMW Central's second completed collaboration hack based off of the 2014 Vanilla Level Design Contest (VLDC.) It contains 86 levels which you can play in any order you wish - all of them are open from the start.

Note that the hack autosaves after each completed level, and "marks off" levels as you beat them with an "M" icon. Good things come to those who are completionists...

Tags: collaboration vanilla variety
Comments: 37 (jump to comments)
4.5 (91 ratings)
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Comments (37)

 Pokemon Hacker Link
Does this romhack have a secret overworld?
AnkisethTheMonk Link
Since there are so many different level authors, the quality is a complete rollercoaster. There are some very fun clever levels but they're outweighed pretty heavily by levels I didn't like at all. Too many levels are far too long which I guess makes sense, if you only get 1 level to submit for a contest you're probably gonna opt for a bigger/more dense level.

The hack is rated Normal, I feel like a lot of levels fit much better around the middle of Hard.

The overworld looks neat; S.N.N. did a great job with making it feel more like a full game than a mishmash of a bunch of individual levels. The reward for completing all levels is
the password to a .zip that comes in the same folder as the .ips. It has a .txt file saying "Congrats! Go to this webpage and enter this password to be in the Hall of Fame!" The webpage is dead, though.
Womp womp.

Took a bit over 8 hours to complete every exit. Video of playthrough:
Vegetto 577.02 Link
aqui empezo una leyenda
tiger_Fox Link
help, im trying to open the main zip but it keeps asking for the password to the secret zip and wont let me open the main zip without it. since the hall of fame thing apparently doesnt even work anymore can someone just tell me the password?

edit: probably worth noting that i am using the romhacking dot net download, since the one from here just gave me an error every time i tried to open it
alternateSMW_ Link
Sorry for the double post but I forgot to mention, I tried using the password but the mystery zip file seems to be broken somehow. Anytime I try doing anything with it, I just get an error.
alternateSMW_ Link
If going by secret exits that are actually "functioning" i.e. key/key hole or goal point listed as secret (nice ice adventure and some random ghost house at least have both as normal), this hack has 105/106 exits I think. I miscounted a level somewhere so I'm assuming I did an exit as well. Not sure why this hack was made this way, it was a daunting task to comb through every level in lunar magic after beating to see if it has a secret exit or if it is even functioning. A few levels had secrets but the pipe leading to it was not set to exit-enabled. Why? This hack is seriously flawed.
Metballs Link
What’s the point of the secret exits?
Armyless_boi Link
Originally posted by Bleu
Hello, created this account to share that "Spooky mystery" is not corrupted on the download:

what's the password lmao
 DeppySlide Link
Full review here:
Brutapode89 Link
What's the music in the "Bullet Bill Forest"?
Fiblizo Link
Originally posted by erpster2
does anybody know the background music for the "Dark Depths Luks" level of this game?

Final Fantasy V - Beyond the Deep Blue Sea
Ezek.The Square Remixer Link
GaloombaCat Link
good game #wario{^_^}
erpster2 Link
does anybody know the background music for the "Dark Depths Luks" level of this game?
Holy Shinx Link
really creative, because it has like 70 different creators, so some levels were really good when some weren't, and sometimes level with like 60th place is worse than in 70th, so some lower ranked levels can be great, you never know what you find, sadly hall of fame no longer works
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Very good
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Very good
LogoBro Link
I really like this hack. It brings out the best in the SMWCentral Community.
Epic_Manky Link
lol how did Underway get 74th
Bleu Link
Hello, created this account to share that "Spooky mystery" is not corrupted on the download:
MegaPredator360 Link
The Spooky mystery it is corrupted, It doesn't ask me for the password, and my program says that the zip file it's corrupted
Green Jerry Link
I accidentally rated this hack 2 stars.
IronFoxGaming Link
I am unable to unzip the spooky mystery zip, as when I try to do so, my program 7zip crashes.
 RussianMan Link
...But mentioned in the house (Cant remember real name) after you beat ALL levels.
yoshiatom Link
Why on earth is the .zip password protected? doesn't help that the password is not mentioned anywhere in the description...
yepi43 Link
not to be rude but with all the other hacks ive patched this one wont world it still says SMWCpresents but when the title screen shows up it glitches!btw the passworld is

Taiju Link
There's a file in the RAR called, "Spooky mystery" that's protected with a password, what is the password?
g00d3rz Link
Please can you help me to get it to run in an emulator so I can run it in a snes emulator for my android tablet.

The game looks brilliant I's just a shame I'm too stupid to know how to get it running in snes 9x ex+.


Gooderz (g00d3rz)
TheInsanity115 Link
I loved this collab vanilla hack !!!
MercuryPenny Link

You can find it in here.
Getlucky12341 Link
I made an account on this site just so I could find the theme used in the level Green Muncher Land. The overworld remix. Anyone know where I can get it or its name.
Whazzup Link
the sound of the lowest rankings is scary :P
Funny game btw!
is there some way to get the older Vanilla Level Design Contest IPS'
BlackStone187 Link
When I started playing I noticed how broken the difficulty curve is. There are some easy levels but there are a lot of hard levels randomly mixed in with eachother. Although it's probably not the intention to play the levels in order, it's would've been nice if the harder levels could have been put at the end of the worlds.

Graphics wise it's really nice and really dull. Because so many people made levels, there is no set style. This said however, not every level that looks dull or nice is easy or good so don't expect the most beautiful levels to be the best.

Aahhh, the awesome music used in this hack. I can't describe how much I loved it. Made it worth playing through the end. The only issue is that some themes were used way to often, resulting in them getting slightly annoying to listen to. On the opposite side, there are also many themes that are only used once or twice. At any rate, I really liked all the remixes of the classic SMW tunes, it felt really good listening to these remixes while playing.

The overworld has been nicely done. It's really full and you can practicly get anywhere on the map. The only issue is the level placemen. Like I stated before, the easy and the hard are randomly mixed in. Not bad but not good either.

In overall this hack was decently fun. I do not recommand first time hackers though, as it can be really though or even unfair at times. You can barely complete it without savestates. This said however, I do think everyone should give it a try, since it may or may not contain levels you love. It can give you a good image what to expect in certain people's hacks too.

3/5 stars
MercuryPenny Link
It was great. Getting an "M" on every level is a bit tedious at first, but it grows on you and you start to have fun.

This isn't a normal hack so it deserves an abnormal review. S.N.N's ability to make it all fit together and work was top notch; I especially liked the way you marked which levels you beat. The overworld was great, the music was great...but once you get to the entries, it gets a few chips of quality knocked off.

A lot of the entries were trying too hard. Twilight Lakeside is the over-exaggeration of this fact - and look where it landed, second to last place. Some pushed SMW to its limits; others just went for pure level design and nothing else. Length and difficulty are the problems that seem to run rampant throughout this hack and many others. A lot of people don't know where to stop and keep going. When you push all of that aside - and that's easy to do, considering a few entries - and get to the core of it, this was extremely creative and so were a good 30% of the levels.


Excellent. Not actually something I'd recommend to everyone, but definitely to someone experienced with video games.
eXcavator Link
I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with this at first- when I heard that the entries for the vanilla contest were going to be made into a hack, I thought it would be more than a collection of levels. However, in retrospect, there's really not more that it could have been.

Despite that, this was shockingly good. Although there were a few real stinkers here and there- and some of them managed to escape getting thrown in the worst world- for a contest, the overall quality was unusually high. My guess is that people tried a lot harder knowing that their entries would be made into this hack, and that many more people would end up playing them.

Overall, I enjoyed playing this immensely. I do have a few qualms that prevent me from giving it a perfect score: the overall level length was way too long, a common problem with collabs that I've noticed, and I feel like the ratings were definitely a bit off for some of the entries. Not a whole lot of them, though. As some others have mentioned, the average ratings would be a lot more accurate with 3 or more judges in the future. Finally, I felt that the cave world was definitely a bit lower quality than the rest of the "normal" worlds, and that the abstract world was a little subpar too, albeit to a lesser extent. Still, these complaints aside, this was solid and well above average.

4/5 stars.
 5544 Link
I was happily surprised to see that the community had managed to cobble together so many great levels for this hack and I was amazed by the work put into this by SNN to combine the two ROMs into a single hack.

There's a couple of levels that might be worth skipping if they don't fit your taste, but if you don't want the secret password you don't have to play these levels anyway.

Overall it's one of my favorite hacks on the site.

PS. the level theme "Abstract" is the best song in the entire hack.
 Losoall Link
Chump material, stuff anyone could have easily done, i want my time back!

...5 stars