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Super Mario World Hacks → COLLAB

Submission Details

Authors: Daizo Dee Von, neidoodle
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: COLLAB is a 1-world team hack made by several people of the SMW Central Community. It is mainly vanilla-styled but contains little changes to avoid cutoffs.

There has been a ton of effort put into re-releasing COLLAB, from cleaning up level design to fixing up palettes. There are also a few hidden secrets added in for any Easter egg hunters out there, looking for something interesting.

Now that COLLAB is finally back and ready for action, all you need to do is have fun! :)
Tags: collaboration music vanilla variety
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3.3 (13 ratings)
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Comments (1)

MercuryPenny Link
This hack started good and made a sharp decline with "Haunted Home". Given that it uses generators for pretty much the entire level and almost nothing else, it's very weak and frustrating. Then came "Living Death Mine" and its barrage of forced unpredictable spinjumps on eeries. There's a skull raft somewhere around the midway point of this level that just drops into a pit without warning and you need to spinjump on an eerie before you die which you cannot do on your first try because you weren't expecting the drop into the pit in the first place. "Spooky Walk" then proceeds to sap away your lives with that one boo stream you won't remember. 4 Game Overs on this level alone. It's not fun to run out of lives because of that one obstacle you don't expect to kill you when it's one tile away from you diagonally and have to redo the badly designed level before it as a result. I absolutely despise these two levels with a passion. The final level feels final, but the music is too boring and slow for the last level. It doesn't do it justice.

Music is fine but ended up unfitting in certain spots.

2/5. Those two levels sucked way too much. I'm hoping the next COLLAB hack has better moderation of the submitted levels.