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    Cat Planet - Factory

    SMW Music → Cat Planet - Factory

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    Submission Details

    Name: Cat Planet - Factory
    Author: S.N.N.
    Insert Size: 0x0295 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: None
    Source: Port
    Duration: 1:04
    Featured: No
    Description: This is the factory theme from Cat Planet, made famous by raocow's Let's Play of it. Note that it does NOT require a sample bank, although it does require AddmusicM. Enjoy.
    Preview: Play SPC
    Tags: industrial space
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    4.0 (2 ratings)
    No rating
    Download 59.73 KiB | 436 downloads

    Comments (1)

    KungFuFurby Link
    The internal .txt file is mislabeled as an #am4 song when it should be an #amm song when it was adapted for AddmusicK. However, it slipped through the cracks due to not using $ED $80 xx and AddmusicK not accounting for VCMDs outside AM405's normal range.