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Toad's World

Super Mario World Hacks → Toad's World

Submission Details

Name: Toad's World
Author: Ice Man
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 56 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is the final version of Toad's World. It has new music, small level changes, and improvements.


MAJOR EDIT: This is now compatible with the real hardware. I managed to update AddmusicK's code manually and keep all the music/sample pointers. Hooray!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx hdma music toad traditional
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
4.5 (24 ratings)
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Comments (18)

Gordon JamCast Link
I will be writing my honest review for this ROM hack, as it was one of the first ROM hacks that I spent effort into clearing featuring all secrets.

Music: 9/10

A great use of original music which I believe a few level musics were composed by the author of the ROM hack itself, used in creative styles of ideas describing the visual style of the levels, which fit accordingly.

Graphics: 10/10

There is a variety of custom graphics that are present throughout this ROM hack, all of which are not clashing with the visual aspect of the levels, and are executed in a well-done and pleasingly creative manner, which is pleasing for the player to see.

Levels: 10/10

Great job at executing this well-made level design. I really embrace the idea of having a visual aesthetic style for every level coresponding to what is the visual setting theme of every world, in general, with the music, and the level design mixing in peacefully, which doesn't make it as annoying as it should be. Really good work.

Overworld: 7.5/10

The overworld follows a linear visual style, which was an aspect that has intrigued me in the slightest.

Story: 9/10

The plot is followed by Toad's friends suddenly dissapearing out of nowhere after Toad played with them. You followed the plot you were exactly meaning to preview, which is very adorable.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Really wonderful job you have done while spending your effort to work on every bit of this ROM hack, the effort was really well spent in order for this ROM hack to be shaped as it is now. This ROM hack is what has inspired to get me into my own profession in gamemaking, of which is a very memorable experience considering I honor this game for fuelling my own desired passion, of all the time since, learning the up and downs of gamemaking. Truly an memory that I will always be thankful and honourable of, something which has made me grow and evolve by my own mindset and way of thinking strategies. I recommend this hack if anybody would want to play it.

Thank you for making me learn what an unique experience is to work on a game, and I thank you for guiding me through all of the problems that have stemmed up back in those years, it really shows how I am built as an mature person to handle things. I salute you. #w{<3}

Danik2343 Link
Good Hack!
jeppodl0ga Link
littleh todis
MarioMMaster Link
A pretty good hack, unfortunately ruined by janky custom bosses.
Zammy Link
Good hack! Loved the atmosphere, graphics and music!

At the end I was worried the final boss would just be bowser again but thankfully no, it was hilarious. The actual fight itself seemed very random though, sometimes being able to hit him and run away but other times he randomly goes way faster. Also I think he didn't need that much health. If a mario boss has more than 3 hits I think they need to change tactics a little every 3 hits to show how much progress you're making.
SuperDiegoWorld Link
Redekis Link
Chillah Link
This hack is amazing. The graphics are really nice, especially the Toad, FG, and BG. I like your concept of double-layered backgrounds and use of HDMA, it really adds that touch of feeling as if you were inside the game itself. The music was pleasant like everything else in this hack. I would recommend this hack.

EDIT: I really like those Toad graphics! I'm not sure if you made them or you got them from somewhere else. If their yours, may I have them? If they're from a different source, may I have the source, please?
Green Jerry Link

You said "hooray" in the description.
cheat-master30 Link
So yeah, may as well give my (now long overdue) thoughts on this game, since I've played it a few times and all.

Firstly, the positive side. The game looks and sounds amazing. Indeed, if there's any SMW ROM hack that feels like it could be a professional game, it's probably either this one or the (equally cool looking) Mario's Journey Through Time and Space by the same author. The fact he managed to take stuff from Super Princess Peach, Yoshi's Island DS and New Super Mario Bros and have them work together is even better.

However, the game kind of falls apart in the gameplay and level design side. Why?

Because it's very obvious that neither was the priority when making this game.

Level design was mostly kind of flat or linear with very little in the way of secrets, bonuses or gameplay gimmicks (the only ones I can remember were the space ship level and the Squawks section in the Zinger hive area, although the final level may have had one too). Bosses were... kind of mixed really, with some (like Xanbie) being good and others (like the Night Spirit) being hilariously terrible. They all kind of lose their 'interestingness' when you realise they're taken from other hacks though.

And the game structure? Well to be honest, it feels like the game doesn't really have much to warrant a replay or any exploration. It's dead linear, there are no secret worlds as far as I can tell, the overworld is basically a disguised line towards the final castle and it's just got no real depth to it. At least Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom had that Kirby esque secret world with a palace of hentai at the end of it...

Toad's World is a great example of how to make a game look and sound great, it's just that's all it seems to be. A slightly glorified tech demo for a 20 year old system.
TheWorldOfMarioYT Link
Wow! It looks amazing! (applause)
King pig Studios Link
player GFX download !!!!
CharlieF Link
Works fine in HIGAN, but displays messed-up sprites via PowerPak on real hardware. Has anyone been successful in getting it to work via PowerPak on real hardware? Thanks!

Update: it works on my original SNES, but not my mini. Hmmmm.
mangolo Link
MUSICS 1*(7/10): Most of the musics were nice, although the variety was not very high, specially for the desert world. Also, I don't think you have chosen a good music for the castles.

GRAPHICS 2*(10/10): I see you have worked very hard on the graphics, that made your game very remarkable. Also, your multi-layered backgrounds were very cool, I enjoyed them. I also liked how you matched the scenario inside the level and in the overworld.

LEVELS 3*(6.5/10): The majority of the levels were quite good, but there were some levels that seemed underdeveloped and somewhat boring. I enjoyed the variety of scenarios and enemies. The desert world was not fun. Somehow, it seemed like you started something and changed your mind later, it was flat and not very special. Also, there was nonsensical echo in Desert Beach 3. Another thing, the lava level in the last world, where you have to carry a P all through the level, that was awful. About midpoints, even though you used them, sometimes they were placed almost in the end of the level.

BOSSES 1*(6.5/10): In the beginning of the game, I noticed you used most generic bosses, but you also used more interesting bosses in the last half of the game. The Midnight Spirit boss was way too easy, by the way.

OVERWORLD 1*(10/10): I'm not sure how much work you had creating/using this overworld, but it was nicely done and very fitting.

FUN FACTOR 2*(8/10): The game itself was quite fun and enjoyable. The variety of enemies and the quality of backgrounds and sprites always left me curious to see how the next level would be.

STORY 2*(4/10): This, in my opinion, is the worst part of the game. Nothing is actually explained, and the game has almost or no interaction with the story. The final boss also appeared from nowhere, and gone nowhere after the game ended. The moment you see everyone who was missing in the end of the game seemed very lame. For a game that focus on Toad, there is absolutely no reason for him to be the main one. For me, it felt like the story was a simple excuse for Toad to wander across some weirdo places without any reason.

FINAL NOTES: Despite my crankiness, this game is definitely worth playing. The fact that it has a bad story doesn't make the make the levels less enjoyable (much). I recommend this game.

OVERALL (7.25/10)
Ohndei Link
I've only played through the first world, but I'm already in love with it. The level design is quite solid but I'm particularly impressed with how the graphics and audio from all the different sources were put together into a coherent whole.
mallowking Link
Cool hack i really like that
Ice Man Author Link
What version of ZSNES you using?
IanBoy Link
doesnt work for me on ZSNES. it shows the ''ice man presents'' screen and then it stays black forever.