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Real N64 CRC Tool v2

Tools → Real N64 CRC Tool v2

Submission Details

Name: Real N64 CRC Tool v2
Author: RaO
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: N64
Games: General
Source Available: No
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: "It's a tool that will check / calculate / extract the bootcode of a Nintendo 64 ROM file. It can also check the origin of an already ripped bootcode." - README.

This tool is specially used for SM64 to re-calculate the CRC Checksum of the game. In case someone edited something inside the so-called "Checksum Protected Area" (CPA) you need this tool to re-calculate the CRC checksum or else the game won't work anymore. The alternative would be NOP'ing the BNE instructions, however most people aren't aware of this and so this tool might be a help.

"rn64crc romname.z64 -u" u does update the CRC.
Tags: bootcode checksum crc
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