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Details for Star Revenge 6 LA + Star Revenge 6.5 WotDF
Super Mario 64 Hacks - Star Revenge 6 LA + Star Revenge 6.5 WotDF Link - Show random
File Name: Star Revenge 6 LA + Star Revenge 6.5 WotDF
Authors: BroDute
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 190 star(s)
Description: -Star Revenge 6 Luigi's Adventure
A 120 stars long sm64 hack with all 15 main courses and the overworld replaced with new levels. Simple stroy, Bowser just took once again over the castle and made new paintings for the stars.
The difficulty begins easy/normal and gets harder to the end.
Started working on this hack since the 25th april.
Note: I didn't used the other Luigi model, since I don't like it and the 122 star on the pic is wrong, because of a mistake I did while creating/testing.

-Star Revenge 6.5 Wrath of the Dim. Flower
This is a "DLC" with 70 stars for SR6 in which you search for stars in the first 9 main course with different settings. The stars are like green stars in Mario Galaxy 2. This is a bit herder than the normal Star Revenge 6.
Story for this is that a big flower grew next to the castle and started to mess around with the paintings inside the castle.

Note: You need to beat SR6 with all 120 stars to be able to play this hack, that's why it comes with SR6 together.
Video Link: Link
Tags: luigi, major, star revenge
Rating: 3.8 (Votes: 17)
Download: Download - 10.54 MiB
The Lucifer of Gaming
How do you patch this? It's a PPF file not a FLIPS file
Posted by: The Lucifer of Gaming - | Link
if you want his other Mario 64 hacks go to his you tobe channel Brodute
Posted by: blaze800000 - | Link
Ein richtug guter Hack BroDute!!!
Posted by: Pilzinsel64 - | Link
So I've played through most of the stages (I'm at around 70 stars, and I've found stage 14 and haven't yet played stage 15. I also haven't touched Bowser's tower Maze yet), and here are my comments and stuff. Think of it kind of like a review but not really.

WARNING: Contains come spoilers

So I remember playing your first hack, Star Revenge, before you remade the overworld. The level design was kind of iffy and stuff, but it was still fairly decent. Over time, though, it got a lot better because SR6 has really great level design. I love the stages like the Bully Harbor (stage 6) because it's almost entirely nonlinear in its design. You also introduced some interesting new ways of getting stars as well, such as the red coin box star in Stage 4 and the really annoying tricky flight path thing in stage 5.

For overworld, I'm slightly disappointed because I really loved the overworld of Star Revenge Redone, and SR3/SR4 had overworld concepts I was not too fond of but nonetheless still thought they were great. SR6, however, was a bit of a letdown because it's fairly monotonous and boring. It's just a building with rooms with paintings (which by the way are very nice custom GFX) and a secret toilet you can jump into as well as a secret behind a painting. Overall not very exciting. Since the cap palaces are their own stages, I'll group them with the overworld and will say that they were implemented fairly well, although I prefer finding them rather than having a sign tell me where it is because it's hidden in a place no one would actually find it without reading that sign (stage 4). The vanish cap and warp block switches were very fun to find, though.

Concerning level concept, I really loved the golf stage because it was a nice introduction into a hack which had great difficulty scaling; it started off very easy and slowly got harder, although you kind of went a bit kaizo with certain jumps, most notably in Nightstar Sanctuary. I also was not too fond of using 40 savestates... I mean 40 lives trying to get to that sign in the secret water slide level. The desert stage was also a nice beginning stage although it was slightly cluttered and a bit hard to navigate through freely compared to the huge expanse of space offered in stage 1, and Autumn Night Heights was fairly linear but went along nicely with the difficulty curve. Frozen Boo Valley was a bit complex for stage 5 because it's simply massive and has a lot of the more precise but not obscenely difficult jumps that you'd mostly expect in the much later stages of the game. I don't see how anyone can't love Daystar Pantheon and Nightstar Sanctuary because SM74 already proved that concept was really successful and fun, and these 2 stages didn't fail. In fact, they brought the even more interesting gimmick of sun and moon stones which made them probably one of the most enjoyable SM64 stages I've ever played. Those 2 levels also offered a huge variety of different platforming so I didn't get bored and never thought any of their stars were monotonous. You unfortunately went a bit kaizo though and I had to start spamming savestates because stage 13 was a huge pain to get to.

In general, your boss stages are way too difficult though. While I haven't explored Bowser's tower maze at all yet, D. wiggler's rainy castle was very tricky on the platforming given it was the first boss stage. The boss fight was, from my perspective, also obscenely difficult. Timerock's factory was just ridiculous because, while the concept was very creative and nice, it was way too difficult. The camera didn't help either and just made it harder for me to tell where lights were and weren't. Timerock himself ended up with me raging a bit because of all the dodging shenanigans I had to go through and savestate reloading since I was gonna lose all my lives and get a game over.

Dunno if this is intentional for one of the secret stars, but it's really easy to glitch out in the toilet in Mario + Luigi's house and go through the floor and get stuck there. If I have the patience to 100% complete this, I can't wait to play the 6.5 DLC though.

Overall, this hack has really great level concepts and design, and tons of creative ways of getting stars that made it definitely worth playing. The difficulty curves very nicely although it gets very tricky at the end. My only problems are that the overworld was pretty bland and boring, and that the bosses are way too difficult. These, however, definitely aren't enough to stop me from hopefully 100% completing this hack because it is definitely worth the time of anyone who likes SM64 hacks.

One of the best hacks I've played; up there with Star Road as my favorites.
Posted by: Penguin4478 - | Link
Nice work, Brodute.
Posted by: MrGreenThunder - | Link
Looks great! Will look forward to trying it out.
Posted by: Skelux - | Link

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