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Tools → SnesBRR

Submission Details

Name: SnesBRR
Author: DMV27
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: General, SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: This tool allows you to convert WAV files into BRR samples and vice versa.

Read the readme for more information.
Tags: addmusic brr brr samples music samples
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.5 (10 ratings)
No rating
Download 41.51 KiB | 3,922 downloads

Comments (10)

Brutapode89 Link
Nothing is displayed on my PC.
Francium Link
Originally posted by Guhadeen_EB
doesnt work on Windows 10.

No, you don't.
It works properly on my Windows 10 64bit.
UltraBolt Link
Guhadeen_EB Link
doesnt work on Windows 10.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I'll give this a try
Xboy1282 Link
It doesn't work it just opens and closes without doing anything
Yuzu Link
Well. I requires BRRPlayer
Qwerty13x Link
I didn't understand anything about anything.
Noober84555 Link
u use it via CMD green hamer bro
HammerBrother Link
I don't know how this works, it keeps closing out right when it opens, alsp the "--help" is broken.