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Metroid HP Patch

SMW Patches → Metroid HP Patch

Submission Details

Name: Metroid HP Patch
Author: 1524
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch applies the classic Metroid health system to SMW. HP is numerical, and you can get reserve tanks, just like in Metroid, that add 100HP (another 00-99) to your max health (will show boxes as graphical). These can only be collected once and save to SRAM.

When your HP hits 00, you die, unless you have a reserve tank, and then the number rolls over to 99 again, emptying the current tank. Enemies deal 20 HP damage by default, and mushrooms heal 20 also by default. Special code can be inserted in a custom sprite's Mario Contact routine to deal a custom amount of damage.

This package includes:
  • The actual MetroidHP.asm patch to be applied with Asar.
  • Three sprites to show examples of custom HP damage.
  • Four blocks (Heal block, hurt blocks and hidden reserve tank block).
  • GFX for the new status bar, sprites and reserve tanks.
  • A readme.
Tags: health lorom metroid metroid health needs remoderation
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
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Comments (8)

Daizo Dee Von Link
Quick warning before using with AddmusicK since I got puzzled with this for a bit but...

Find this line
LDA #$38			;play hurt
STA $1DFc			;sound

and replace it with this
LDA #$04			;play hurt
STA $1DF9			;sound

to have music not glitch up when taking damage.

Also set the music to 01 instead of 09 so death theme plays properly, as a comment below mentioned.
Hayashi Neru Link
Please update SA-1 and PIXI
 Deeke Link
If it breaks with AddmusicK it's because the patch sets the 'miss' music to 09, but amk sets it to 01. Setting the music to the proper place seems to fix the issue.
Konata Izumi Link
so this breaks with amk, not sure why
h.carrell Link
credit goes to you for the health meter
h.carrell Link
now make that 410
Green Jerry Link
HammerBrother Link
Bugfixes are in the readme, its now compatible with addmusicK, thanks goes to MarioE.