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exanimated roulette block

SMW Blocks → exanimated roulette block

Submission Details

Name: exanimated roulette block
Authors: HammerBrother, JackTheSpades
Version History: View
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: Inspired from NSMB/NSMBWII.

Tired of using the changing item sprite in a translucent block?

worry no more! unlike smw's, this one is based on Exanimation (so it would show visible cycling powerups inside the block) and will "stop" changing when the block is hit, unlike smw, its keep changing even when release.

The block also works well with sprites too.

Note: only compatable with LM1.7 or newer, and make sure that the total number of frames equal to the number of numbers in the table, or the LM's examination frames goes beyond the block's table and will glitch.

Make sure that the table contains enough values. Having more animation frames than values in the table can result in random sprites being spawned.
Tags: lorom nsmb nsmbwii roulette
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