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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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Details for Rise to the Challenge
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File Name: Rise to the Challenge
Version History: View
Authors: AxemJinx
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 53 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Tired of plain, uninteresting "vanilla" hacks? No problem! RttC is a mint-chocolate chip hack with rainbow sprinkles. What does this nonsense mean, you ask? Variety! That's what it means.

The levels are the heart of this hack, and they strive to be as individually unique as possible. I hope I've come up with some ideas you never would have thought of! Each level also has its own unique palette, so expect the atmosphere to change constantly. Rounding out the package is a colorful overworld and personally handcrafted music that tries to fit the levels' ambiances.

I'll also take the chance to say that RttC does not have any of the following: custom blocks, custom sprites, custom graphics (apart from a couple of minor extensions), bosses of any kind, a final level, a credits screen, or secret exits that always lead to new levels. If these things really bother you, you may want to reconsider!

The difficulty is also on the hard side, though I've taken great pains to remove everything that is seriously unfair. Give it a chance- you might find that you like the challenge.

Be sure to look at the readme. If you have any questions, problems, or comments, then send me a message or post in the hack thread.

I think that's all. Enjoy!
Tags: fixme, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 4.2 (Votes: 23)
Download: Download - 230.60 KiB
I could not reproduce the "crashes" that some people reported in the Deep Dive Jive level of this game with bsnes v070.

Edit: Ok the "crashes" in Deep Dive Jive level seem to occur only with snes9x v1.52 & higher.
Posted by: erpster2 - | Link
Added a fixme tag, as some crashes have been reported, particularly in finishing the level "Deep Dive Jive."
Posted by:  Eevee - | Link
THIS is an awesome piece of hack.

Posted by: niko - | Link
For some reason, I decided to comment this hack, because I didn't for some reason. It's an interesting hack with a high difficulty curve. It's really a challenge for people, especially when you play without savestates.

Level design: 8,5/10

The design is overall very well done. The player focused on various gimmicks, usually vanilla based. I see a lot of variety in your levels and this is a good point, because it makes this hack more fun. It gets more complex in progress and it's good, but some levels feel a little repetitive compared to the previous ones. Some challenges have a re-appearance, but mostly they are minor. Some parts were a little frustrating, like the castle with slopes. I don't like them, because it's hard to jump and control the player. Overall, it's pretty nice.

Graphics: 9/10

Well, there are mostly only vanilla graphics. There are a few custom stuff like the vine ends, but they're very minor edits. Most of the palettes look very nice. Some level could have a little bit more decoration, but I think the aesthetics are fine. It isn't a big deal.

Difficulty: 9/10

It's challenging, really challenging. I sometimes miss the lack of a second mid-point, especially if I have to go with a lengthy level. Some parts felt a little annoying, but most of the time the gameplay is fair even with the high difficulty curve. That's actually a good thing, especially in longer levels.

Overworld: 9/10

As far as I remember, it was good. It isn't something super-awesome, but it's a good OW. From what I remember, your maps didn't use events. It looks fine without them, but I like them more than nothing. Still, it's a pretty good OW.

Music: 7,5/10

The music is good. Some songs are catchy, but I feel they were a bit overused. I mean, they were used in several levels and they could get boring in further gameplay. Still, some of them are catchy and they fit with the games' themes. I remember you were going for a remake and if you didn't cancel this project, I think some new ports would be nice and they would be a nice addition to your hack.

Replay value: 8/10

Some people wouldn't like it because of the difficulty. Yeah, it's a hack for people with steel nerves. This ain't kaizo, but still, it's challenging and some levels take several tries to complete. It's not the best hack for newcomers, but they can try it if they like challenges. Still I think it's more for SMW-veterans, but why should we restrict it to one group of people? Try it if you like difficult levels! This hack is a nice expierience with hard, but still pretty fair levels.

Overall: 51/60 (10 - ~1,17 = 8,83 ~ 9/10)

Nice hack overall. Check this one if you want to smash the keyboard or just to take a challenge. It's up to you!

Posted by: Ezel - | Link
The Unmotivated
I made an oath to one day clear this hack without savestates,
and still I fight to this day.

Appearance: (5 Stars) This is a mighty fine vanilla hack with purty
palettes an' whatnot. If it's anything that makes the grade with me,
it's gotta be the palate.

Gameplay: (5 Stars) Looking for a challenge but detest Kaizo and hair
tugging? RttC keeps you on your toes without killing you with frustration.
there will always be "that one stuck spot" though.

Sounds: (3 Stars) AxemJinx composed all that music you're hearing
in the game. But to me, it kinda wears out at some point. It could've
been longer or catchier, but if you're a middle-ground player like
myself, you're gonna get stuck, and the music won't get any better
when you do.

Overall: (5 Stars) Not recommended for weenies or the easily angered.
This hack is one of the shining examples of Vanilla done right.
Posted by: The Unmotivated - | Link
I have mixed feelings about this hack. I want to love it because it has a lot of great ideas, but I feel the execution is lacking. (I quit clearing several dozen levels.)

Two things in particular that I disliked:

1. Though the levels were visually distinct, the crude layouts and overuse of certain sprites over others meant many levels played the same.

2. Many of the levels had similar challenges; there's only so many times you can dodge a black piranha plant or spin jump of a Ball 'n' Chain before it gets boring.

That said, I do feel this hack has some reasonable depth for those who don't mind the rough edges.
Posted by: Ohndei - | Link
From what I played (Stopped after Deep Sea Dive, game crashed), I would have to say this hack is entirely overrated. Levels are bland, flat, and boring, and what I saw consisted mainly of jumping over tides.

I'm going to go with the harsh rating of 0/5.
I don't care if this was made in "the olden days of hacking", limited resources is not an excuse for lack of creativity.
Posted by:  MoosieHD - | Link
mario and luigi
rise to the challenge is the best challenging hack that i've ever played. this hack is intended for people who want to play something challenging, while yet still retaining the "fun" factor. i honestly enjoyed playing this addicting hack, it still resembles a standard vanilla super mario world hack that is deeply challenging and very fun in a way; the level design started off mildly difficult into real difficult design, but the design never turned kaizo-ish. the palettes were also fantastic, and blended together with their ambiances well. most of the secret exits were incredibly difficult to find, but not extremely frustrating. the new custom soundtracks were very cool, and it felt like they also blended in with the level pretty well. the levels also had no bosses at all, as the difficult level design makes up for it.

play this hack if you are looking for something very challenging and fun. one important thing to note is that the hack never had kaizo level design, unfair parts, or any unnecessary hits from enemies.

my rating: 5/5 - i had a lot of fun playing this hack, and i hope someone else can create a similar hack as this!
Posted by: mario and luigi - | Link

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