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Song Title


    Super Mario 3D World - Double Cherry Pass

    SMW Music → Super Mario 3D World - Double Cherry Pass

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    Comments (5)

    Smwfan2023 Link
    I will use this cool port on Goomba Land!! (My New Hack #smw{:TUP:}) Cool Port :D
    Pedro156 Link
    Nice port!
    Dark Mario Bros Author Link
    well, I dont know how to use #instruments anyway, but i'll find it out and change $ED for #instruments i think so ...

    so, the file has been updated
    I changed @6 to @4 because around 0:53 the instrument wasnt with the effect needed

    Edit: I learned about "l" Command, now the size reduced from 0A10 to 0A0B (=w= yep, didnt reduced a lot but yea...)
    Lui Link
    To be honest, using $ED uses less space than #instruments does, unless you're going to switch between instruments quite a bit. It's just a matter of preference I guess.
     Sayuri Link
    To make things like ADSR easier in this port, and because of the new music section, I'd highly suggest that you use #instruments and not the $ED command unless absolutely needed. Also, the AM4 header is not needed, and you should just add the header into the TXT instead of telling people to put it in themselves, as per the new music section rules.