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Details for Super Mario Bros. The Hunt For The Magical Key
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File Name: Super Mario Bros. The Hunt For The Magical Key
Version History: View
Authors: Alex No
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: I changed the title from Master Quest 8 to Super Mario Bros. The Hunt For The Magical Key. I think it was better with a new title screen; it looks much better now.

I did this only because my other Master Quest hacks are not in the hack section anymore, and it's now in the same series as Invaders in Mushroom Kingdom and Dream Courses.

Updates in this version:

- New Title and Title Screen
- New Story (I hope it's sounds better)
- Some levels have changed Midway Points
- Added more Power Ups in World 7 Castle

- SNES9x

Mario's House has been cursed by a magical lock that cannot be opened by a normal key. Mario's objective is to hunt down the Magical Key.

Ball n 'Chain from Yoshi's Island has a small glitch, but only in ZSNES 1.51. Otherwise, it works pretty well on ZSNES 1.51. Works perfectly on a real Super Nintendo, bsnes, and SNES9x as well.
Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, variety
Rating: 4.1 (Votes: 25)
Download: Download - 1.27 MiB
This hack has good music and good graphics. Other than that, there are no other good qualities about this hack overall. Some levels are good and fun, but 95% of them are long, tedious, arduous, annoying, or have a randomly thrown in boss at the end which can either be extremely easy, extremely difficult, or extremely hard to figure out. The secret exits add literally nothing to the hack and just increase the exit count, which should be less than half of what it currently is. The level design for most of the levels is awful, and makes this hack incredibly unfun to play. 2/5.
Posted by: SirMystic - | Link
Nice look, nice music. However, I had to savestate before boss room because some of them are a bit confusing. It would be better if there are checkpoints before bosses imo.
Posted by: albertleetaiwan - | Link
Really fun hack. Tho i felt like most of the secret exits were pointless... Really loved the many references to other games. In my opinion, this hack should have been tagged as hard. (Not overly difficult but it's definitely a big jump from vanilla)
Posted by: BigDaddy645 - | Link
Uhm... Selling a hack on cartridge is illegal!
Posted by: TheJullasicFox - | Link
I really like this hack. This is an updated version of SMW Master Quest 8, but the new title looks better. Also, I can make an AddmusicK remixed version, because I like hacks with music from AddmusicK, like I did with 2 first episodes of Classic Mario World by bandicoot.
Posted by: ForthRightMC - | Link
There must be too much going on in the overworld because after beating the left half of world2 I went to get the other exits and I can't for the life of me get to level 5 and 6.

Prior to that, I completed the secret exit to world2 water level and nothing happened. Then I redid the normal exit and suddenly the other overworld pathway was unlocked.

I'm thinking there's probably some overworld issues and it isn't just me being a bad tester - but who knows.
Posted by: Thrakk - | Link
Alex No
If you want to sell my hack on cartridge. Please contact me if you do that. PM me or send me an email. You must have my permission to do that. I am the Author.

please respect that.

And if you upload my hack on other sites. Please inform me first.
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Hey Man. Wanted to give a slight review since some people in my opinion wasn't giving this game a fair review.

Design: Beautiful. I love all the diverse levels that you included in this hack from Donkey Kong Country to Megaman as well as Castlevania.

Music: One of the biggest sellers for me is music in hacks and with the exception of one track i've never heard before the entire ost was either nostalgic or super catchy and made going through the game that much better.

Level: I feel for Super Mario World levels, the length was really good. I also enjoyed the fact in the later levels some was a bit longer then normal. Also i enjoyed how finding the capes was a little harder then most hacks but if you make another hack i would highly suggest that you replace the cape with something where you can't fly through the entire level. It breaks the entire purpose.

Bosses: I enjoyed the fact that every boss in this hack was customized although some bosses was super super frustrating i won't give spoilers but the boss in world 5 was really unfair. Between the random RNG jumping one time he got stuck in the level where i couldn't hit him at all.

Overworld: I feel the Level exits could have been used for a better means then finding shortcuts through the worlds when i was going through the game it didn't feel worth finding the second exits. Since i would want to enjoy all the levels not skip them.

Overall: Great Hack i would seriously recommend this to any new person looking for a new Mario hack to play. It is challenging but not impossible to complete.


Posted by: Dinowulf - | Link
I would've loved this hack, but it became so hard so soon. Those custom sprites and bosses are sometimes a bit op, and there are not that many powerups in later levels. I had to start using savestates in world 3 because of the insane difficulty.

p.s. Sorry if my English is bad.
Posted by: FreeKill2111 - | Link
I have SMWMQ8 on my powerpak, I'm guessing this is it. I noticed the other thread was locked for some odd. Just wanted to say great job! I've immensely enjoyed this and I've got 119. The last exit is baffling me.
Posted by: DMantra - | Link
Hello Alex,

I personally give importance to play games without savestates, because I like the challenge it gives and the feeling of playing a real SNES game (with a controller plugged in and configured with ZSNES).

I totally enjoyed your hack, the difficulty was well balanced, although quite hard with some bosses, but I found the 120 exits without using savestates, which proves the game was playable this way ^.^

You have done a very great job, with plenty of new sprites, bosses and graphics, and new great level design ideas such as in World 9. The good surprise of World 10 was very enjoyable ^.^

10/10 Congratulations !

Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
I found this hack kind of up and down in difficulty, with some of the bosses in particular being much harder than anything in some hacks marked as Hard.
Posted by: DrSaering - | Link
Sent you a PM. :)
Posted by: AJLeefan4life - | Link
Luigi Severus
Why does everyone use the pixelated sprites for the enemies?
Anyway, I am downloading this now.
Posted by: Luigi Severus - | Link
This game has it's difficulty when you play it. So many enemies, hard to reach areas, and secrets that you really need to be on the look out for. I've only gotten World 1 done, but I can tell this game is gonna show more potential as I progress. Good game.
Posted by: MarioBrotherL1UP - | Link
Hey Alex No. I came across this game looking for a new game to LP on my YouTube channel. I will be playing through it in full with a full review at the end of the series. I hope to do your game justice.
Posted by: Justin_Rennhack - | Link
Alex No
1000 Downloads sin 9/12-2014 that good
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
good game
Posted by: zefennekinfan - | Link
I love this game! But the difficulty is hard...
Posted by: SMWHackedHACK - | Link
Alex No
If you have Questions about this hack. Send me a PM.

Alex No
Posted by: Alex No - | Link

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