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SMW Graphics → Slime

Submission Details

Name: Slime
Author: Broozer
Type: Original
Purpose: Background, Foreground
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: - Name of ExGFX: Custom Graphics Set: Slimy
- Foreground, Background or Sprite?: Background (BG) and Foreground (FG)
- Author: Broozer
- Custom or Rip?: Custom
- Slots used?: BG1, FG3 and the ExAnimation slot
- Palette: Palettes 02, and 03
- Description:
Were you looking for some good slimy graphics for your levels? You don't need to look for them anymore! This graphics pack includes both a slimy foreground and a slimy background, a GFX file for the Extended Animation Area (ExAnimation), as well as a sample level with all of the GFX files in action - I highly recommend checking out the .mwl (sample level) file, since there are some ExAnimated FG tiles within it.

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Author's note: This is a fixed version of the slimy graphics set that I submitted some time ago - in fact, the old version didn't contain the ExGFX file for the background, and this one does contain. Special thanks to The Riddle (a.k.a. Crys) for letting me know that.
Tags: needs remoderation swamp
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Comments (1)

Murphmario Link
I remember seeing this used in a Super Metroid hack of all things.