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5 Level Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → 5 Level Hack

Submission Details

Name: 5 Level Hack
Author: grishnax
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is my second serious hack. I made this hack completely vanilla (with the exception of some Map16 editing) and I hope will be a fun ROM hack to play.
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
2.8 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (4)

Hacks Are Unfair Link
 Squiggs Link
This was the second hack I ever played for YouTube. I remember choosing it because I wanted something short to get started, so 5 Level Hack sounded perfect.

I was looking back on the video recently and even though I barely said anything for most of the video (early LPing amirite) the hack was pretty cool. I liked the saw part in particular.

I got hit with a broken midpoint issue though, which was a little frustrating. Basically if you get the midpoint on High In The Sky, you better not die or you're gonna die over and over and over until you run out of lives. The midpoint is placed underneath the level like it wasn't moved into position correctly, and you just fall to your death every time you respawn.

I pulled up the hack in Lunar Magic and managed to fix the waypoint mid-playthrough, but it somehow broke one of the layers of the game for the rest of the game... still not sure what happened there. It became all garbage data and I had to turn off the layer completely in ZSNES.

Fun memories of this hack, and being a new YouTuber that was still figuring things out. Thanks for making it friend.

Khaoskar Link
alright, I'm giving it a 4/5 stars because that's the amount of levels I did. I finished all 3 before and half way through 4, when I died. I went back onto the level and it spawned me in the air under the platform, thus making me game over. I couldn't be bothered to start again. Other than that good hack!
 Counterfeit Link
Though on the short side, this is a hack with substance. It may not seem so at first, as the first level is weak with a lot of empty spots, and some levels do repeat sequences of setup more often than they should. I felt like none of the swimming segments in this hack were necessary. There is some messy spelling abound.

The chainsaw level and the castle stood out above the rest of the levels. Dragon Coins in all levels have great placement and getting those brought life to the more shallow levels and the better-executed levels. Difficulty curve is a steady incline, though rather steep for such a small span of levels.