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Mario vs. Shyguy

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario vs. Shyguy

Submission Details

Name: Mario vs. Shyguy
Author: chris10125
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 35 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: I have no idea what the original creator said here, but all I remember him saying is that there's no custom music, only a patch because he is deaf. He did include ExGFX and custom sprites though.

- smb3 music patch crashes on accurate emulators
- if possible, lock access to "STAR ROAD" -- it gives access to unmodified levels
Tags: asm exgfx fixme music traditional
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3.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (2)

Klayett Link
This hack is not good if you are a shy kind of person in real life.

The levels are designed in a really weird way of fashion, there are alot of tricky jumps in the levels, and if you have not mastered them, it can be kind of hard to come by of.

In this one level which I cannot remember that I'm thinking of I don't really now what to say because I got speechless at just that moment, so I'll just have to quote myself with something that I wrote to a friend on FaceBook:

"and for the record, athletic levels in which you have to ditch Yoshi just plain and pure sucks"

^ That's pretty much it for that one.

I played up to the 2nd world castle, but then I later quit at either the 1st or 2nd level in the Vanilla Dome, because of that the randomness in the levels was flooding me over, so to say, so! In the end, I just simply could not stand this hack, and simply gave up!

1.5 stars (if that would be an official rating)
 Ringo Link
I remember playing this back when I was a beginner at SMW hacking, and it amazed me due to the well-used redrawn graphics. I was kind of blind because I never noticed a few that could deem this hack as "not polished".

Level design gives a traditional feel even though sometimes it seems to be mostly non-linear, however it feels precise and unfair at areas where you're required to stomp on an enemy else you get hurt by spikes below. Although not constant but still an annoyance to me were a few areas where you're forced to abandon yoshi in order to proceed. These aside, level design seems average, but nothing really bad.

Some miscellaneous things could've been taken care of though, such as being able to access a star warp and play unmodified levels of the original Super Mario World in Star World, as well unmodified level names, messages and music choices (the climax of levels most of time breaks during transitions). I didn't actually mind the blatantly edited overworld, it didn't look bad overall.

In the end, the hack is still nice, but as I got more hacking experience and different tastes with time, this isn't something spectacular anymore, however, it's a great hack considering the time it was made around.

Oh, to people who are going to play this be careful with:
- As mentioned before, precise areas and having to abandon yoshi at times
- Hell of slowdown
- Sprite memory errors may happen sometimes