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Details for VIP and Wall Mix 1
Super Mario World Hacks - VIP and Wall Mix 1 Show random
This file contains crude language and suggestive dialogue. Discretion is advised.
File Name: VIP and Wall Mix 1
Authors: Vipper
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 78 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: The first hack in the VIP and Wall Mix series, a compilation of levels from a number of Japanese SMW hackers.
Tags: asm, collab, crude language, exgfx, gimmick, glitch, japanese, suggestive dialogue, variety
Rating: 4.0 (Votes: 9)
Download: Download - 269.12 KiB
Ah yes, the first installment of the VIP series. This hack is pretty much vanilla and straightforward for the most part. Though, there are also some very weird design choices in some levels. A couple of levels have pretty poor introduction to asm (swoosh/cape level, snowstorm airship level) that demands the player to KNOW how to beat the levels. Otherwise, you are probably gonna be on those levels for a while. Though, they are in the late game but still. It is a pretty massive difficulty spike. The last level in the post game was also very brutal that took me around 3+ hours to beat on my first playthrough of this hack.

I should also mention that I have also gotten all of the dragon coins in this hack without tools. Couple of the hardest levels to get them all on was the swoosh/cape level and the boon trick house level. Normally, you can get both the normal and secret exit in the trick house level without actually having to play the level (and thank god that's an option.) Though, if you are a lunatic (like me) and want to get all dragon coins, you are gonna have to do this level legit without a checkpoint. The rooms are different every time you play this level and every room is insanely tough. Because it shuffles every time, you can't really practice a certain room (unless you use a savestate) so good luck to those attempting that level legit. Otherwise, getting all dragon coins on all other levels wasn't really an issue for me since this hack is mainly vanilla and straightforward for like 75% of the time.

Overall, an okay hack with some weirdness in it and has interesting moments here and there. Like Gemini said, go ahead and play this if you want to find some weird design choices with no real difficulty curve (not as brutal as VIP 2 though). I would also recommend playing the translated version of the VIP games in general from the talkhaus community if you are interested in some 2chan history and culture when playing these games.
Posted by: Metballs - | Link
Posted by: InsaneMarioHacking - | Link
Originally posted by Wroof Wroof
I must admit though, the end of the game is very frustrating with the level using a weird wind feature that might be explained but is not understandable out of Japan.

Snowstorm Airship (ふぶきの ひこうせん)? Roy's airship stage?

Yeah no, that one's wind gimmick is just broken lol

I somehow managed to make it through Smooth (both exits, iirc?) without using savestates (I play on SNES9x so no rewind), but I couldn't muster up the patience to understand that garbage lol

Smooth is the World 6 flight stage btw, ( ^ω^)スイス~イ

Originally posted by GeminiSunfall
Sprites, on the other hand, have been reskinned for the most part to resemble various 2chan ASCII figures and jokes (such as Banzai Bill Clinton).

The Banzai Bill resprite is actually based on Ken Hirai, a (honestly really cute :3c ) j-pop singer.
Posted by: lion - | Link
Wroof Wroof
Alright then, VIP1

I must say the game is pretty fun. But the comment below (or above) explains it all, I played it fully on phone, so it made it even harder, but it's still plausible. The flying levels in world 6 are INSANE, and require perfect movements throught the level.

There are some custom graphics and stuff, but most of the game is vanilla. I must admit though, the end of the game is very frustrating with the level using a weird wind feature that might be explained but is not understandable out of Japan.

I'll give this one a 4/5 even with the things that I've pointed out because the game is pretty fun, and can be funny at times. (not really)
Posted by: Wroof Wroof - | Link
The first of several collaboration hacks created by the Japanese 2chan community.

Visually, this hack is vanilla for the most part, but there are a couple levels with custom and imported graphics here and there--not to mention the cement blocks throughout this hack were replaced with a gray-colored SMB1 block, which admittedly feels a bit off due to the lack of outlines that SMW's graphics normally have. Sprites, on the other hand, have been reskinned for the most part to resemble various 2chan ASCII figures and jokes (such as Banzai Bill Clinton).
This hack is tagged nsfw for a reason... let's just say the Chuck and Magikoopa reskins like to let it hang out.

Being designed before the days of AddMusic, there is no custom music to speak of (The old SMAS pack wasn't used here).

Now onto the level design. Because this is a collaboration hack, the style and design can vary considerably with each level. A lot of levels are pretty typical, straightforward, and easy for the most part, often with some silly theme to it. That is about 75% of the hack and it can be fun at times.
The other 25%, however, which you will find from the end of the sixth world onward and the special zone, are insanely tough. From cape flying levels that demand very good button timings to ASM gimmicks that are introduced very poorly by expecting the player to figure them out quickly, there are some incredibly rage-inducing levels waiting for those who play the hack to the end. To top of that, glitch abuse is required to finding several exits in this hack, and there are some really cryptic obstacles and secrets too--the language barrier probably doesn't help in this regard, as it is possible there might be some clues if you could read that text. I can understand why MoltovMarioWorld gave up on LPing this series of hacks.

If you're looking for a hack with some weirdness to its level design, give this a go. Though I'm pretty sure you might get more out of this hack with an understanding of the Japanese language and 2chan culture, as there are probably a lot of references in there too.
Posted by: GeminiSunfall - | Link

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