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Super Mario: RamzaProject

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 Counterfeit Link
The gimmick here is that every level has a hidden exit which you need items to get into, and every secret exit rewards you with a 3-up moon.

The hack's difficulty is balanced: everything is consistently normal. Levels lean a little more to the short side but you'll be busy and not bored. There are little tweaks which will cause Rexes and Mega Moles to stay on ledges.

Graphically, there's a healthy blend of self-made graphics, downloaded custom tilesets, and icegoom's "redrawn" set. These mostly go together well, except certain things aren't outlined that should be and they appear to recede into the background or otherwise be unnoticable. Other outlines come off as inappropriately strong.

I don't really like how the overworld is open and you can do anything in any order, and how in two of the levels, you have to get something at the end and backtrack anywhere between halfway and all the way back to the start of the level to get the secret goal. There's a weird Map16 error in Peach's Castle that will let you jump over the wall and exit. The demo would be a lot better if these exits actually went somewhere, and if there were more content to satisfy. What is there is promising, albeit flawed.