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Ultra Luigi World: Luigi in... Destiny

Super Mario World Hacks → Ultra Luigi World: Luigi in... Destiny

Submission Details

Name: Ultra Luigi World: Luigi in... Destiny
Author: Uncle_Bones
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Ah, the project I have been working on in secret. To tell you the truth, I never tried on Ultra Mario World! But this is different - my custom OW GFX are some of my best work (for the OW that is) and I hope you like my ExGFX, the SMW GFX, and SMW Central's ExGFX mix together!

There are two and a half levels in this hack mini demo:
1. March of the Koopas
2. Goomba's on Ice
1/2. Sunshine for All
I forgot to add that I do NOT include cutscenes in my hack demos. I believe demos should give the taste of the final version, and that's what this one will do. ^~^

Please enjoy, and also...


fixme: custom music breaks hack on accurate emulators
Tags: exgfx fixme music no boss traditional
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Comments (1)

 Counterfeit Link
This hack has potential in the story. I get the same feeling I did when I originally moderated this hack years ago: it's bittersweet. Luigi runs away from home for his own reasons and is a little nostalgic as he revisits places him and his brother used to go. Unfortunately, I don't think Dimentio (-> Binrazan -> Uncle_Bones) is going to be finishing this hack.

The level design starts on a somewhat repetitive note with the Koopas, then leads you into a P-switch run. I found the area with the two P-switches next to each other unnecessary as I managed to make it to the end before it expired but I can see why people would need it. It expects you to carry the other. The next level has some crudely-drawn waterfalls and seems to be a steep jump in challenge with the weirdness of jumping out of the waterfalls onto one-tile-wide slippery platforms.

Palettes use rich colors, with forests being dark but saturated and the ice cave being very blue. That said, I don't feel that the contrast between FG and BG in these levels is good because the ice level is like a wall of blue and the forest level doesn't give the trees the illusion of distance from the player. I don't like the title screen's shadow below the grass - that is lighter than the fill color and not so good.

While not a great demo, it's not too bad either compared to demos of similar length, if not a little on the hard side for cheap reasons.