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Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 2

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 2
Author: amhunter
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 40 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: I have fixed the bugs found so far EXCEPT on Sonic's GFX. I fixed his ducking sequence, but I dont know about his looking up yet. It has been BETA tested and I thought I fixed that problem on Normal plains when my beta testers found out about it, but IS fixed.

-Hack breaks on accurate emulators due to custom music;
-You can't get past "!Hunter's Castle!" due to messed up Overworld events;
-You can't beat the Green Switch palace, since it brings you back to the Yellow one.

Warning: do not play this if you suffer ephilepsy.
Tags: asm custom character exgfx fixme gimmick music sonic traditional
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Comments (1)

 Wakana Link
The author got waaaay better at hacking since he did this, isn't it? This one is... awful. Everything, the design, the graphics, are very very bad.

The design is incredibly repetitive, the author used same ideas and gimmicks over and over again. Examples may be the abuse of chain chomps and the rope climbing in the later levels. Said gimmicks are not bad ideas, but first, the author didn't use them at its full potential, and second, as already said, they kept spamming trough the whole hack.
In general, the design's setting is mainly linear, avoiding enemies. Here and there you can spot some trickier challenges, but they only ended up weirding the difficulty curve, which so far is one of the weirdest I saw in a hack. An overall not very good one, sorry.

The graphics, well... the first screen says it all. You had good potential (which today is fully blown, and I admire it), but you were still on the first days with YY-CHR I suppose. While some sets look decent, most of them are really bad. The Sonic player, while it has been inserted in a creative way in the hack, is terrible. Some of its frames are missing, others are from Mario's, the colors are poor (which is understandable since it shares the same palette as Mario). The graphics chooses are also terribly clashy, bad palettes and cutoff here and there. Not good.

Misc issues:
-The hack breaks on accurate emulators due to custom music.
-The Green Switch palace brings you to the Yellow Switch palace. If you happened to press it already, you'll be stuck until time runs out.
-Overworld GFX events gets glitchy at a certain point.
-"Mountain Hieghts" (lol) may end up crashing everything. It's probably due to the amount of Dynamic sprites per screen. Good thing it doesn't break the rom, but you'll have to restart the game if you dislike glitchy graphics.
-"#5 Roy's castle" may be dangeroud for those who suffer ephilepsy.
-You can't get past "!Hunter's Castle!" due to messed up OW events.