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Details for Link's Adventure
Super Mario World Hacks - Link's Adventure Show random
File Name: Link's Adventure
Authors: General Ike
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Demo 2. A hack starring Link from The Legend of Zelda. Uses the SMB3 soundtrack.
Tags: asm, exgfx, health, music, non-mario, traditional, zelda
Rating: 1.4 (Votes: 14)
Download: Download - 195.45 KiB
it looks okay IMO but Its not the kinda hack im looking for, I was hoping it'd use the Zelda 2 link sprite as it can be easily used for sidescrollers. still great job (and to those criticising the game keep in mind this could be their early work not everyone is as experienced as some of the top creators on here, I'm just saying give the guy a chance to improve before you stomp their ambitions.)#smrpg{:O}
Posted by: ShyGuySoup - | Link
This hack is OK. The level design is flat and the graphics are alright, but not the best. Link has some new moves which help make the game enjoyable. Honestly, I don't know why its rated so low, but it isn't the best.

This is my lets play for my full opinions:
Posted by: RetroKoopa7170 - | Link
Posted by: HKSo051 - | Link
Posted by: Sonic_BR - | Link
Posted by: Kiatus - | Link
To start off the title screen is pretty bad, It has the text is almost at the middle of the screen and the text that says ¨Links Adventure¨ has black blocks around it.

The overworld map is pretty blank and boring. The Link in the overworld map looks like a young Link that looks fat.

The First level has many problems, One of those being that the design of Link looks so bad it's not even Link, The trees are like those trees you see in Minecraft, SMB3 music in a game about Zelda, Also forgot to mention that Link has secretly the cape powerup, With that i had two question: Why did you use the Feather powerup? and What's the point of using the Feather if Link isn't like Mario? He's not like using a parachute or something like that.
When Link is jumping he's kinda like doing a Long Jump. The pipes don't represent Link or the Zelda series, The sword in his back looks big and looks... just weird.
When Link throws a fireball his hair changes color and last but not least the Rupees need some shaders/shadows.

The Second level is the easiest i even beat it in 50 seconds IGT.
The entire level is too short, it's almost full of skeletons, Doesn't even have a challenge and sucks!

While playing the Third level for the first time i noticed how weird Link runs, When running to the right you can see that Link's left leg (from his perspective) is doing nothing and his right leg is just doing all the work, Meanwhile the entire level sucks so much, But be ready to see the next one because is worse.

Weirdly the fourth level isn't even a level, It's a gate which doesn't even work, It says that you need 75 *I forgot* to get to the castle, Looks like you have to play the levels again to get to the castle... until you discover that you can just walk throught it, That gate is a complete waste of time.

The fifth level is rarely the best one of them all, It actually offers some challenge and it has a little bit of originality... But everything is ruined when you get to the boss, The first boss of this ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ROM-HACK¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ is the worst boss i ever seen in my entire life, you just jump on three *i forgot lol* to win, while you just avoid the easiest things to avoid in the entire universe.

And finally, after defeating the ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨BOSS¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨, You go to a market where they sell absolutely nothing with the seller being Peach with different colors, The only thing there is something that when you touch you end the suppose level and then your taken to the overworld map and the music stops and that's how the game ends.

This game needs a lot of fixes, The levels are boring, easy, blank and not actually levels.
The boss sucks so much and the graphics are even worse... kinda, the skeletons look okay and there's some graphics that look good.

This rom-hack gets a 1.5/5
Posted by: AlexPivot - | Link
I just watched levelengine's review of this hack.

The best scene. I'm still rofl.

Was it that hard to just base the sprite off of Zelda 2?
Posted by:  Cascade - | Link
I have absolutely no idea how this got accepted back in the day, but dear god this hack is a mess. If you need a good video review, well, watch levelengine's one:

Either way, let's begin the text review. First up, you'll notice the graphics are absolutely atrocious in this. Link looks like a bad attempt at drawing a Family Guy character in 16 bit, the trees and environments were obviously done in Microsoft Paint and look like a bunch of multi coloured squares with no detail and the enemies... are a mix of 16 bit oddities, Super Mario World enemies and 8 bit Legend of Zelda sprites. It just looks like a complete mess, and clashes like all hell.

Music is from Super Mario Bros 3. Why? This is supposed to be a Zelda game. Why not use Zelda music?

The level design is even worse than the graphics. Many stages can be beaten by just running and jumping over everywhere, with the few exceptions being boringly empty castle and ghost house stages which pose no threat at all. Difficulty is mostly non existent, with one or two random spikes like the wizrobe boss.

And there's zero replay value. It has about two worlds, with very few secrets and levels so flat and easy (see above) that you have zero incentive to ever replay them.

Either way, Link's Adventure is horrendous, and probably shouldn't even be on SMW Central any more, since it falls short of every single hack submission guideline going.
Posted by: cheat-master30 - | Link
Level design doesn't start to get entertaining at all for me until Lost Woods Center, which is second to the last level in this demo. Before that, a lot of the levels feel the same. Levels are usually flat and enemies waltz across that plain and you whack them out of existence with your magical spinning hat (where's his sword?) The change of the Fire Flower to a slingshot is cool and works, but I think that the cape needs to be brought back with changed offsets to be in front of Link and appear as a sword for this to make more sense. Link being able to float also makes levels even easier than they should be.

The SMB3 soundtrack sounds good, but the whole aesthetic of the hack is kind of wacky in its inconsistency: You have some Atari-tier ExGFX that makes some things look like they're more Zelda-appropriate, SMW graphics left in, and pretty damn awesome-quality music that has nothing to do with the Legend of Zelda. Overworld's a mess and the palettes in the first world are a mess. It doesn't feel even like Zelda II. It just feels strange.

The wizard boss is the awkward spot of this hack where it goes from Easy Breezy to Nintendo Hard for that one moment. That aside, this is a hack that's probably good for people who want something simple and mindless to kill time with and just want to win. It's one of the easiest hacks on the site, and that's its one merit.

The gate is broken (I can pass it with less than 75 stars) and the market can not be re-entered. I also did not notice any shop blocks to buy those items... I grabbed the heart and it was a goal sphere. @[email protected]
Posted by:  Counterfeit - | Link

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