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Super Paper Luigi

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Paper Luigi

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mish1 Link
bestest hack ever
Dark Mario Bros Link
this hack is a lie...
TheJullasicFox Link
Uhmm, HOW is this "paper" style? How about,"Super NES Luigi?"
 Counterfeit Link
Super Paper Luigi feels exactly like Link's Adventure, except the player jumps twice as high, you can wall-jump and there's an air meter installed for when you swim. The air meter is only taken advantage of in one area, and feels pointless in all the other swimming areas. You only use the wall jump once, at the beginning of the second level. Levels are flat and boring and you can just spin your way through EVERY enemy you face, and the only notable level is #1 Flame Castle because of the boss and the use of another enemy that's actually almost a challenge to you and your whirly overpoweredness (the homing bullet.)

The powerup for the cape which you have by default has a [2] graphic, which is kind of weird... like it was some beta placeholder. The hack isn't buggy, though, except for one of the four exits not being registered for some reason -- the same thing happens on Link's Adventure.

Much like its brother hack, it's really only worth the time if you want something that's almost impossible to lose on.
MercuryPenny Link
General Ike apparently didn't know what shading was.