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EF Land

Super Mario World Hacks → EF Land

Submission Details

Name: EF Land
Author: Electrofire
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: I fixed some pallete errors and improved some levels
Tags: traditional vanilla
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3.0 (2 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (1)

 Counterfeit Link
A very easy hack. While there's nothing *technically* terribly wrong with this hack, it does have the distinction on the street of being one of the worst SMW hacks ever made. The levels are very short - one of which is only a single screen - and often have little in your way.

The levels seem to be based on the originals: tilesets and music were not changed, and the overworld was not changed. That said, the layouts are mostly very different, except Chainsaw Bouncing, which feels like Yoshi's Island 4 without anything fun... just a long stretch of tide where you are supposed to bounce on the saws. Plain of Death mostly has you revealing hidden music note blocks to get a star and then you run over munchers, which is kinda pointless with Yoshi, and then a coin cloud exists to slow you down, which again is no big deal with the Yoshi. I don't know if there was a thought process behind this or if it was just thrown together like much of the rest of the hack.

Yoshi's House was purposelessly edited, and Yellow Switch Palace just eats half of the floor if you hit the P-switch with nothing else happening.

#1 Iggy's Army (which seemingly does not exist) has a midway point right after a few spaced-out Thwomps that are easy to avoid. The second room has a structure which if you are big, you need to duck and jump through since it's only one tile high and wide and it weaves back and forth. This part alone takes longer than the rest of the level combined, and that's not saying much since this probably takes 12 seconds tops to get through, and you see that the ceiling construction is unfinished.

The title screen itself has problems: the menu text has a gross color, and there are sprite tile memory problems right there when the Grinders come.

I'm the moderator who approved this hack initially and I'm sorry. Oh, and I approved it again, and I would say I'm sorry but Kieran made me do it