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Quest in the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario World Hacks → Quest in the Mushroom Kingdom

Submission Details

Name: Quest in the Mushroom Kingdom
Author: pieguy1372
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is the two-world demo of my hack, Quest in the Mushroom Kingdom. It allows you to play the first two worlds as well as a preview of the third world: a total of 18 levels and 23 exits (not counting the Crossroads level). It has custom levels, a custom overworld, ripped and drawn graphics, custom blocks, custom sprites, and (finally!) custom music.

Changes from demo 2.2:
-Koopa's Bridge was changed so that the event now works correctly all the time. Before this change it would sometimes act like a secret exit for some reason.
-The palette of the switch on the OW was fixed.

Enjoy, and please rate and comment!
- Music breaks on accurate emulators;
- OW events are wrongly set;
- "TREE MAZE" 's midway point doesn't work.
Tags: asm exgfx exploration fixme huge level music puzzle traditional
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3.4 (5 ratings)
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Comments (2)

All good, with the first world and its worked hard difficulty. But things go so bad later, making this hack very unfair.

At least I achieve enjoy it with save states, because i can't imagine to beat TREE MAZE without it

4/5 yes aja
 Wakana Link
This hack was promising at first, but it ended up being a rage generator.

The design is... too complicated. The most common error of design is when you end up being repetitive, boring and the likes in your levels. This hack, instead, does the opposite: sections are too complicated, levels are super challengy, and I feel like they request too much from the player. The brightest example is that lunatic "TREE MAZE", it perfectly resumes what I said up there. Overall, I didn't enjoy this hack at all, but maybe, those who like insane challenges would like it.

Aesthetic-wise, it's okay. I haven't spotted any major flaws, and the author kept one graphic style pretty well. Not much more to say.

- Music breaks on accurate emulators. Oh so new.
- OW events are wrongly set: "GUARDED FOREST" is an example, it doesn't trigger any event after you get the normal exit; also after you beat "TREE MAZE" the exit tile on OW is buggy;
- Speaking of "TREE MAZE", if you're not Sonic, you won't clear it: you barely have time to figure out puzzles; moreover, the midway point doesn't work, so even if you get it and die, you have to redo the level anyways. Isn't it fun? :^)

Overall, an hack that just asks too much from the player. I like challengy hacks, but "challenge" here equals to smash your keyboard. This would be great for those who want insane challenges maybe.