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Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem
Author: Reading
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 114 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Picking up directly from where Super Mario Infinity left off, Mario and Luigi have discovered an artifact called the Cursed Gem that contains a timed explosive supposedly able to destroy the world, and the only way to stop it is to enter the Gem itself. The adventure heats up when our heroes learn of Bowser's presence in the artifact, and as they search the Gem and discover its underground secrets, ancient clues and revelations begin to make themselves known. Could all of the answers be at hand? Only time will tell (literally) if our heroes can stop the time bomb, or if their planet is doomed to an explosive death...

fixme: music can break in accurate emulators
Tags: asm exgfx fixme luigi music story traditional
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3.1 (16 ratings)
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Comments (3)

SuperMarioFan55589 Link
Its Good Hack
Marcy65 Link
I really like this hack, however, my (android) emulator won't let me play 2 player mode without two real controllers. So I can't play this, but I'm sure it'd be real fun. Great job tho, it's also pretty long,
 Lazy Link
For those who have played the first Mario Infinity, no, this one isn't any better.

The level design is still as asinine as ever. There are tons of pointless sections that serve no purpose other than to waste your time. The difficulty curve is wonky as all get out; things can go from "well this is really easy" to "how am I even supposed to do this" within seconds. Likewise, some obstracles are followed by way easier versions of the same obstacles. The author absolutely loves to put spikes on ground instead of embedding them, which makes navigating around them annoyingly hard. Big Mario discrimination is also a recurring issue.
However, I have to admit the level design could be worse. Some levels had a decent flow going, but there was always one thing that ruined it for me. I actually had genuine fun in certain parts of the game only for it to quickly turn into frustration because I was supposed to bring a shell all along or something.
I do approve of the lack of a timer and the fact that every level has a save prompt. The former is just handy and the latter basically eliminates the concept of extra lives, which makes this this hack a lot more bearable.
Many levels are (partly) skippable because ceilings/underwater pits weren't accounted for.

There is a story, but as per usual with old hacks, it's very unengaging and fanfiction-y. I found myself skipping past most of the exposition.

Visuals are subpar. There's vanilla graphics with ugly little freckles added onto them, bland original graphics, and some rips. Bad palettes abound.
The music doesn't sound nice either, but I guess they didn't have much to work with back then. But he could've at least put the songs in fitting locations. Monkey's Monkey Love Song does not belong in castles!!

So yeah, I wouldn't recommend this. There were highlights, but they're not worth the struggle.