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French SMW Hacking Contest 2008

Super Mario World Hacks → French SMW Hacking Contest 2008

Submission Details

Name: French SMW Hacking Contest 2008
Authors: Lexator, Lunartoad, SLBros., Sylvain, Yocha, bulle34500, yogui
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is the first French SMW Hacking Contest. There were not a lot of hackers who participated in this contest but for our first time having a contest, it's really good for us.

I (Lexator) would like to submit the results of this contest. There were 11 levels out of the 30 submitted which were compiled into this hack. I selected the better levels to make this game.

Now the French hack arrives. ^^


fixme: custom music glitch breaks hack in accurate emulators.
Tags: collab exgfx fixme french music variety
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Comments (3)

Mapping_bl Link
Ce hack n'ai pas fini et il est rempli de beug ! #smw{>:)}
Mapping_bl Link
ca a l'air bien je vais l'essayer ! #smw{:TUP:}
 Counterfeit Link
This hack goes to show sometimes less is more. The user who compiled this hack from entries in the French SMW hacking contest held in 2008, Lexator, took care to include only the levels which were up to scratch. Had all of them been included, I feel like the experience could've suffered. Instead what we get is a solid hack which is 3 mini-worlds long and even has progressive difficulty, something not too often seen in collaborative hacks.

Unlike SMW Central's newer VLDC collaborative contest hacks, this hack is not completely open from the start. You have to beat levels in sequence like in a regular hack.

A few of the levels weren't so great in my eyes, namely the first level of the ice world, and the first world is very "meh" but after that level in the second map, the hack became more interesting. One level has an automatic start where you're launched out of a Bullet Bill shooter. The ghost houses like to mess around with you, giving you tolerable item puzzles, false floors, Boo Blocks which serve as necessary aids in two directions, and even the illusion that the author messed up and forgot to edit the Donut Ghost House rooms!

Most of the palettes here are either standard for their tilesets or above-average custom implementations, but the second grassland level has a poor foreground palette with a dark green shadow and bright green outline on the light blue dirt, presumably because it shares with the background's palette. There are some cases where the status bar palette is overwritten. I really liked yogui's work on his ghost house level, and that fiery incinerator-type room designed by SL had an intense, glowing orange palette which makes you feel the heat of the lava.

I liked the first and second maps, which were your typical grassland and snowland. The music of the third world brought out this dark and creepy atmosphere, but the map assembly was kind of bland.

Not uncommon for 2008, the custom music breaks the hack on accurate emulators. This bug is triggered early on when a Sumo Brother's lightning turns to flame, so until a fix is submitted, you will have to play with ZSNES.

Overall, this hack has many more good moments than not and I'm glad to see it restored to the archive.