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Super Mario World Master Quest 1

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World Master Quest 1

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World Master Quest 1
Author: Alex No
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The Beginning of Master Quest Series

This is my First SMW MQ hack. Number 1
It has original tile (Because it is the first, before i know enything about ExGFX. There are some new ExGFX. But not used to much. Not new Overworld, but i diddn't know how i chance the overworld in 2005-2006. But some change has been done.

I hope you like it, it kind of hard hack.
Merry Christmas Everyone and a happy new year.

This hack is from 2005-2006
New Virsion in 2008
Hack Made By Alex No

fixme: 5-2 is impossible to beat (normal exit), since you don't have enough time to pick the P-Switch and free the blocked pipe.
Tags: asm fixme less exgfx traditional
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
3.6 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (7)

Alex No Author Link
Please write in English! I dont understand Spanish
Roy_Maluco Link
Este hack grita "BASEADO EM NÍVEIS ORIGINAIS !!!" o tempo todo. Uma pena que eles foram editados de uma maneira ruim, de modo que o hack não foi divertido.

Olhando mais de perto, o design é mal executado. O autor não apagou totalmente o nível original ao criar o seu, para que pudesse ser visto como "Um Super Mario World se Alex No fosse o designer de níveis". Os níveis são muito lineares, terrivelmente enfadonhos e repetitivos: por exemplo, o autor usou o mesmo truque da camada 2 para todos os níveis do castelo. Todo o hack também é meio ... quebrado às vezes; alguns dos tubos / portas em torno de alguns níveis estão ligados a níveis futuros / já passados. Um exemplo é o tubo próximo ao ponto intermediário em 5-1, que o leva de volta a um castelo já passado. O autor não organizou adequadamente suas saídas secundárias e acabou ficando muito confuso. Definitivamente, não é um bom design aqui, sem graça e repetitivo.

Em termos estéticos, é mais ou menos. O autor usou principalmente baunilha, jogando fora às vezes gfx totalmente diferente como um soco no rosto. Não é incrivelmente chocante, mas ainda confunde o estilo geral deste hack.

Problemas diversos :
- Midway Area no Castle # 3 leva a um nível 0.
- Green Switch Blocks estão ativos mesmo sem acertar os Green Switch Blocks.
- O tubo próximo ao ponto intermediário em 5-1 leva você de volta a um castelo já passado.
- Cutted Yoshi Coin em S-4.
- 5-2 é impossível de vencer, já que você não tem tempo suficiente para pegar o P-Switch e liberar o tubo bloqueado.
- Bugs em usar o yoshi em algumas fases.

No geral, não é bom. Eu poderia sugerir isso para aqueles que procuram um jogo SMW alternativo; mas eu não honestamente.
rafaelfutbal Link
It don't work on Snes9x 1.60.
How I fix it?
NatsuFireball Link
Just finished it, and I personally had a lot of fun playing it.

96 new levels, for a strong SMW fan, is always a lot of pleasure.

You designed them very well, and although there are some defaults, we should not forget the quantity of work and passion that we can clearly see in this hack !

I give you 5 stars Alex No, thank you ! I can't wait playing the other games of the series =]

Wise Person Link
So, I played this hack a month ago, and I have some things to say. First off, some levels warp to a Reznor boss for some reason, Which actually makes the hack have 97 or 98 exits. The scroll in 5-2 stops, and can only be reactivated, by jumping on the highest mushroom. Some levels don't make sense comparing the design to where they are in the map, like lava in a forest. Honestly, I don't find it to be good, but I suppose it's decent in a way.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
You have spelled version wrong
It's v-e-r-s-i-o-n
 Wakana Link
This hack screams "BASED FROM ORIGINAL LEVELS!!!" all the time. Too bad they have been edited in a bad way so that it made the hack not fun at all.

Taking a closer look, the design is poorly executed. The author didn't erase the original level totally when creating his one, so that it could be seen as "A Super Mario World if Alex No was the level designer". The levels are very linear, terribly boring and repetitive: for example, the author used the same layer 2 gimmick for all the castle levels. The whole hack is also sort of... broken sometimes; some of the pipes/doors around a few levels are linked to future/already passed levels. An example is the pipe near the midway point in 5-1, which brings you back to an already passed castle. The author didn't organize his secondary exits properly, and it ended up being very confusing. A definitely not good design here, unfun and repetitive.

Aesthetic-wise it's a more or less. The author mainly used vanilla, throwing out sometimes totally different gfx like a punch on the face. It's not incredibly clashy, but yet confuses the overall style this hack has.

Misc issues:
- In 2-1 some woods make you fall unfairly.
- Midway Area in Castle #3 leads to a Level 0.
- Green Switch Blocks are active even without hitting the Green Switch Blocks.
- The pipe near the midway point in 5-1 brings you back to an already passed castle.
- Cutted Yoshi Coin in S-4
- 5-2 is impossible to beat, since you don't have enough time to pick the P-Switch and free the blocked pipe.

Overall, not good at all. I could suggest this for those who are looking for an alternate SMW game; but I wouldn't honestly.