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Iggy's Island

Super Mario World Hacks → Iggy's Island

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Comments (3)

karinou Link
Cool short hack ;)
SuperMario101YT Link
Use non-vanilla tiles please! Makes the game look A TON better, and typically those who don't use vanilla end up with a better hack with MUCH better reviews. Unfortunately, I can only play hack on and I don't believe this has been added yet. So hopefully eventually every hack on this site will end up over there (and the other Iggy's Island is terrible, don't play it.)
 Wakana Link
Another poor hack here.

In terms of design, it's pretty much linear with a few enemies as obstacles. The enemy placement isn't awfully bad, but the way the level has been designed didn't bring much fun, and it ended up being pretty boring. The hack is also very small, it could be done in a matter of minutes. Yet, this could be a nice hack for the unexperienced players.

Aesthetic-wise, the original vanilla smw has been used. The only different element I spotted is the Switch Palace's BG, which I believe it uses a vanilla tile combined in a certain way to obtain the BG used there. Besides this, not much can be said about it.

As only misc issue, I'd point out that the castle level suffers from sprite tile limits issues.

An overall very short and poor hack.