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Mega Rex Adventure

Super Mario World Hacks → Mega Rex Adventure

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Comments (2)

kaitri Link
i didnt play it yet only the first level but man im usually the vanilla guy BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING i love how mario or rex looks like a stomped rex when he ducks, i love how the shrooms are potions and the fireflower is meat etc.
PLEASE make another hack with those sprites etc

finished it now sadly just a demo so far... hope this gets a full hack soon <3
 Wakana Link
This hack was pretty fun!

The design is good, well varied, with some nice gimmicks going on. Each level is pretty lenghty, and each one has a variety of themes; sometimes it ended up being a bit clashy with the theme of the level, but I don't mind it much. The difficulty curve is well managed, slowly increasing difficulty as you keep going on. Can't say much more about it, good job overall.

The graphics look good if taken singularly, but the overall can result quite clashy, since there are different styles, sometimes in the same level too. While the main style is supposed to be SMW-like (or atleast that's what I think), sometimes I saw GB graphics, some other times detailed GFX sets, and so on. As overall, though, it's good, even if this hack's style looks kinda confusing at times.

As only mentionable issue, music breaks on accurate emulators.

Overall, a good hack. I'd recommend it.

On a side note, this demo and this one look awfully similar. An example is the first castle, which basically looks like the same. I feel like omegaLakitu grabbed this as base and toyed around with it, then he submitted. Shame on him.