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The Saga - Kame

Super Mario World Hacks → The Saga - Kame

Submission Details

Name: The Saga - Kame
Author: Rauy Style
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: HISTORY: The new son of Bowser, tired to follow orders of its father, decides to become new King Koopa…


Credits: In the final version… Next version: Only the complete version…

Obs:FadeFix it was placed, but it does not function with all BGs.
fixme: music breaks on accurate emulators.
Tags: asm bosses enemy exgfx fixme gimmick huge level koopa music portuguese puzzle variety
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3.0 (2 ratings)
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Comments (1)

 Wakana Link
I remember playing this a lot when I first joined SMWC, just for the fact that it featured a Koopa as player. It's embarrassing how much praising I gave to this back then... Saying this, because this hack has a really bad design.

The design is very messy here: in most of the stages you'll start with a generator, and you won't have enough time to realise and react in the situation, since there is no message or anything that warns you. This is just one of the many flaws that compose this hack. Another annoying part was the maze in the cave: I had to follow the exits in Lunar Magic, since the author gave too many alternative doors to enter; you'll end up losing your patience and give up. The difficulty here, I'd say, it's hard, mostly because of the very little time you have to react in some parts and also for the fact that, generally, the way the enemies are set is "spammy", and you'll have an hard time avoiding all of them without savestating. Speaking of savestates, you better do it often in the late levels, since they're extremly long, and if you lose you'll restart at the beginning. Overall, very poor and confused design, with nice gimmicks that haven't been used correctly.

Aesthetic-wise, it's decent. There are many palettes wrong there though, as well as clashyness with the graphics consistency. I laugh at the fact that the player Koopa is the SMW one while the enemy koopa is the redrawn one. Very confusing style.

Some issues:
- Music breaks on accurate emulators;
- "Floresta Aberta" can make you die unfairly due to the "level ender" generator placed right at the beginning of the level;
- Lots of massive slowdown.

Overall, a very bad hack. Despite it looking good for the gimmicks and for the reskinned player, the design is awful and repetitive. Not fun.