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Details for Mario
Super Mario World Hacks - Mario Show random
File Name: Mario
Authors: UmbreonRomReviews
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: My First Hack.

Please Review it, I want constructive criticism!

5 levels excluding Yellow Switch and Yoshi's House.
Tags: exgfx, music, traditional
Rating: 4.0 (Votes: 2)
Download: Download - 365.85 KiB
Why is the Title just simply just titled "Mario"?

It should have a generic name, Like for an Example, "Super Mario Bros: The Search for 6 Golden 1-UPS"

Otherwise, nice hack.
Posted by: Imnever - | Link
A short, more or less hack.

The design is alright, I don't complain about it too much. Maybe the kind of design may be a bit repetitive at a ceratin point, but the levels are kind of short, so it's not a big problem. Not much to say, except for the level "spring terrains 4", where the exit can be kind of unfair to get. Not sure though, since I somehow managed to nail it at first try.

Aesthetic-wise, it's okay. SMB3's graphics here are used well. Maybe there is some cutoff when pipes and small pipes are used, but nothing eye-searing thankfully.

- Slowdown in the water part;
- Tile limits issues in the castle level, which isn't supposed to be played, but you can still enter;
- Speaking of the first castle, if you enter you're forced to die, since it won't continue. It's a kind of unprofessional way to end an hack if you ask me. I'd have put the side exits enabled atleast...

Overall, a decent, very short hack. For those who want to play an easy hack for 10 minutes or so, this is the demo for you.
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link