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Koopa Castle: The Escape

Super Mario World Hacks → Koopa Castle: The Escape

Submission Details

Name: Koopa Castle: The Escape
Author: SuperFireMario
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is my VERY FIRST DEMO OF MY VERY FIRST HACK!!! And just in time for C3!

You play as a "Good" Koopa sent by Mario to infiltrate Bowser's new massive castle. During the prologue (THERE IS A PROLOGUE) you get caught by "Bad" Koopas and you are locked in the prison tower. You soon escape and start exploring the castle.

Includes 11 full levels (On Overworld), 2 switches, 1 Top Secret Area, 1 "Your Cell" level, and 3 "End of Demo" areas with 1 of them housing a secret...

Also: Custom Blocks, My own graphics for the "Stone Block Wall", ExGFX, a prologue, and cutscenes.

I also use some custom music where I think it's necessary.

Don't forget to review!!! Enjoy!
fixme: music issues on accurate emulators.
Tags: asm enemy exploration fixme gimmick koopa less exgfx music story variety
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Comments (3)

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 Wakana Link
This hack is pretty creative story-wise. The other factors though...

In terms of design, this hack is kind of poor. It's not awfully bad, but it gets boring after a bit, despite the author using different gimmicks. I found annoying the fact that levels that had secret exits weren't properly marked on the OW; level tiles are all marked as yellow dots. Hopefully, they were intuitive enough to get. Overall, heh, poor hack indeed. I wish it was as creative as the story.

Aesthetic-wise, it's poor as well. Those few edits of the SMW tiles look bad, and some levels have major cutoff that looks really bad. Sometimes the BG felt confusing with the FG, and it was kinda annoying. Levels also felt empty since they weren't very much decorated. Not a good level of aesthetics here, though the cutscenes are cute.

Some issues:
- Music issues with accurate emulators.
- "UNDERGROUND TUNNEL"'s secret exit is impossible to get at the end: even if you have a cape, you don't have enough room to run.
- As mentioned already, don't get confused with the yellow dotted levels, some of them actually have a secret exit.

Overall a hack with a potentially good story, but the execution and the design is very poor.