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Super Mario World Hacks → EVERY LEVEL MORTON!

Submission Details

Author: Nimono
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The sequel to the popular EVERY LEVEL IGGY! has arrived! Much to Mario's dismay, it has been discovered that it wasn't just Iggy who cloned himself- Morton has clones, too, and he's taken over the Habanero Volcano! Oh, the HORRORS! It's also assumed that the rest of the Koopalings have clones, too...

Much like EVERY LEVEL IGGY!, EVERY LEVEL MORTON! ends with a boss battle with the original SMW Morton boss. However, there are some new things added:

-New graphics! Sorta. All I added was the "pikaguy900" text you see on the title screen!
-Custom sprites! Just one, though- it was to fix a Layer 2 bug in a certain level...

That said, enjoy, and also, please note that while you start on a submap, you have a small main map to explore... Just the World Hub for now, but I'll build upon it as the hacks continue...
Tags: joke vanilla variety
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Comments (2)

SomeGuy712x Link
I know this hack is several years old, so I don't know if pointing this out now will do any good, but in Morton's Haunt, the final Yoshi coin does not appear if certain coins making up a left arrow are collected in an earlier room, because both areas share the same Item Memory Index, and certain coins in that left arrow are in the same X position as the final Yoshi coin.

I point this out in more detail starting at 12:53 in my video here:

EDIT (March 22, 2023): There are also issues with the Yoshi coin found in the secret exit path of Morton's Fortress. It is unusually really tricky to collect, and then backtracking to the normal route to collect the remaining Yoshi coins is quite difficult as well. In addition, that Yoshi coin is subject to the Item Memory Index overlap problem as well, so it could fail to appear if certain coins are collected on the main route first.

I go into detail regarding that Yoshi coin's disappearance in this video, starting at about 10:08, when it first vanished on me:

EDIT (March 26, 2023): And, there is yet another Item Memory Index issue in Morton's Secret 2, where collecting the leftmost coins of down arrows in one particular room causes a vertical line of coins in the layer 2 megaspike room to disappear, and you have to pass through those coin arrows to reach the megaspike room. Without that vertical line of coins present, there is no hint whatsoever that there's something important off-screen in the megaspike room, and that caused me issues with getting one of the Yoshi coins (which are the whole point of playing the level, according to the message box at the start).

I go into detail about this starting at about 14:17 in this video:
Ringo Link
Although it wasn't very enjoyable, it was a decent hack. I actually find this to represent well what's actually a joke hack, unlike a lot of people who think the term "joke hack" is all about glitchy and horrible-looking hacks. The concept of having a boss battle at the end of every level is kinda annoying but funny in a way.

Anyway, as of why this hack wasn't very enjoyable was mostly because of level design issues. It's mostly okay, but there are times the levels feel boring and frustrating when you need to reach areas that require certain precision. The constant item babysitting and backtracking don't help either, I took a little too long to play a relatively short hack because of this. I, however, found the secret levels to be fun to play.

Aesthetics are okay-ish. Not a fan of some custom palettes given to backgrounds like the "fiery" rocks in the second level, they're too distracting. Soundtrack is SMW's original.

Overall it's a decent hack. Probably good to kill some minutes if you're a good player, if you're not, then..