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Mario and the Cursed Coins

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario and the Cursed Coins

Submission Details

Name: Mario and the Cursed Coins
Author: RedboneBit
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: You love money, don't you? You can go out and take it to a random store, and buy something with it. Don't have enough? Simple, just come back when you do have enough cash to buy the product.

But what if money was a dangerous thing? What if, when you get 100 coins, your life is taken away, and you have four lives left?

Now that the coins in the Feather Kingdom have been cursed, Mario must find out what is the cause of this, while avoiding as many coins as he can.

The point is, Mario must not ever collect 100 coins. Keep Mario away from the coins!

**This is a level sampler, only 3 levels are included.**
Tags: asm gimmick less exgfx music no boss
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Comments (1)

 Counterfeit Link
When you see money on the ground, it's tempting to pick it up and pocket it because who knows, some day it might just get you a candy bar. In this hack, that'll kill you before you get your coveted Snickers.

As stated in the description, the premise of this hack is to challenge your Mario playing instincts by making the coin the bad guy. Levels are decked out in coins and you have to try to dodge them the best you can. Not all coins are avoidable so consciously deciding to work your way around those that are is a must to ensure you can get by. The hack uses Counter Break to prevent death coins from carrying over to the next level.

While the hack does place strong emphasis on its gimmick, which without would make levels like the abstract Milky Way be boring rather than the light test of precision, the level design does include some traditional and puzzle elements like seeking out the P-switch and bouncing off of enemies over pits.

It does have potential to be good but this demo has two flaws, one of which is pretty serious, and the other negligible as long as you have read the description to understand the coin threat: Land of the Switch has a deceptive background that looks like solid ground and the first pit comes soon enough that you won't notice until you fall that it scrolls with the background, resulting in an unfair death. The other flaw, of course, could be fixed by changing the overworld position to make you start on The Plains where the gimmick is explained.

Surprisingly, the ports don't cause the hack to malfunction. Unsurprisingly, being a 2009 hack, these first-generation ports don't sound great. The Cave Story and Sonic theme are recognizable but lacking, and the song used in Milky Way is very what.