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Super Challenge World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Challenge World

Submission Details

Name: Super Challenge World
Author: Nigel K.
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 113 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: A hack that I have had for some time now. People really liked this one when it was on the site, so I decided to re-upload it. It is mostly vanilla but one of the longest hacks ever made, complete with decent and challenging levels. I'm sure this will make a lot of people happy. (Made by Nigel, not me)
Tags: asm glitch less exgfx puzzle traditional
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
2.0 (13 ratings)
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Comments (9)

After seeing these comments, I HAVE to try this out and see how it goes lol, will update this comment as I make progress.

That's all I have to say, overall it's a terrible hack, one that I can't recommend playing.
Metballs Link
i’d rather not
 idol Link
okay queen get his ass i guess
Metballs Link
This hack was miserable. I did not enjoy this. One. Single. Bit.

First off, this hack pretty much violates all basic aspects of design. You got item babysitting, enormous backtracking, incredibly long levels, big mario discrimination, really stupid secret exit locations, repeated segments, start+select disabled, softlocks, and much more. Keep in mind that these are just SOME issues. What's the worst part about this? All of these flaws carry on for the whole 113 EXITS. The hack just doesn't get better as it progresses. In fact, it just keeps getting worse as the levels just stretches these flaws out even more. There are some overworld tiles that are misaligned, so you can get stuck somewhere in the overworld, leaving you to reset (and potentially lose progress.) The exit counter also caps at 96 which really shows how old this hack is.

InsaneMarioHacking Link
 Pokemon Hacker Link
More like, "Super trolling and spam world"
Jonny5 Link
I wouldn't label this as Very hard.. Just very annoying and no tips of what should be done before continuing on. Rather then a huge gussing game that leaves you scratching your head looking for a missed level or secrete
Jonny5 Link
only thing I dislike about this hack is letting on you are doing good.. First world with the muncchers.. Tells you need a Yoshi. Yoshi is hard to find unless you get the bonus area.. Lets you go through then tells you half way " did you check the intro thoroughly ? " That gave me the hint " this is gonna be THAT rom hack " passed it. Went on to the first castle. Battled my way through. Then it says " I hope you found the yellow switch palace" Well that should of been brought up at some point.. I feel like its fun to play.. But same time I feel like I'm running in a circle of back and forth for things that SHOULD of been said at the start at Yoshis House or the first few levels. Honestly I gave up playing this rom hack JUST cause I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to search for every possible exit JUST to pass 1 level.. Another example is the 1st world that says you need a cape and cant get it until further into the game.. It HAS the making of being a great game.. Just need to get rid of all this mindless search for things just to pass a level. For that I lost interest.
 Wakana Link
Oh. My. God.
Words don't do too much here, there's no way to describe how irritating and frustrating this hack is.

Starting from the design. Before doing so, I need to state that this hack takes from granted the use of SMW's glitches. Stuff like double item holding, shell jumps, rope sprite glitch and many more, are your only way to complete this huge hack. Figurable enough, I didn't enjoy this kind of design, not even one single exit. This hack doesn't rely on glitches only, the design itself is also awful, with huge and multiple backtracking, item babysitting, repeated segments, and the most overused flaw, big Mario discrimination. All these flaws have been carried on for the whole 113 exits, which has really made this hack one of the worst I've ever played.

Aesthetic-wise, it's hit or miss pretty much. While some of the atmospheres were really good (I particularly likes those who apparently have been made with ASM), some others were really bad. There is also lots of small/big cutoff around the levels.

Some issues:
- "Star House of Fire" is an impossible level. This is just an example of many other which look "impossible", but there's a nasty, infamous way to get past it. That one there though, no idea about how to clear it.
- Some OW walk tiles are disaligned. You'll may be get stuck forever if you walk in certain parts of the OW.

Overall, 1/5. As I said, one of the worst hacks I ever played.